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Saturday Share #61

This week's top reads have encouraged me to pick up a new book, let go of my body worries (for, like, a minute!) and try new foods with Jenson. Check 'em out. Blogging Bee's creative prompts are great food for thought for tomorrow's post on inspiration and plagiarism in the blogosphere Loads of bloggers have… Continue reading Saturday Share #61

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Saturday Share #59

Man, it's been a great week in the blogosphere! So many people have given me food for thought and kept me entertained, with Comic Con trailers, recipes to try, must-use Instagram hashtags and even a discussion on contraception. Grab yourself a nice chilled drink (just me? So hot!!!) and enjoy. Lifestyle Alice wants us to… Continue reading Saturday Share #59

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Follow Friday #48

I've been catching up on the 2,000+ blog posts I've bookmarked, so there are some slightly older links here this week. They're all goodies though, so make yourself comfortable and have a gander. Baby A woman has dared to suggest that working non-mothers should be entitled to me-ternity leave. I could punch her in the… Continue reading Follow Friday #48