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Friday Favourites #15

Autumn is definitely on the way – it was still dark when I got up for work the other day! Granted, it was a particularly early start and I was up just before 6am, but still. Summer is pretty much over so it’s time to rediscover the joy in the little things, like finding a new favourite TV show, being surprised by a book outside of your comfort zone and falling for a new shower gel – really! Here’s this week’s faves.

1. Finding Carter. I saw the ad for this show in between re-runs of Teen Mom OG and series linked it for a later day. It looked interesting: A 16 year old girl discovers that her mum is actually someone who kidnapped her when she was three and is forced to return to her biological family. I get really invested in teen dramas, even at my age, and watched the whole first season in about a week. I assumed that it would just one a one-off series but it left on a helluva cliffhanger and now I have to wait til next year to find out what happens next! Catch it on On Demand if you can – it’s on MTV.

finding carter
Image via

2. Media law training. It’s not something that sounds particularly interesting to most people but it was great to be back in that kind of environment. I’ve not really had much to do with media law since I graduated from Journalism, as very little comes up in marketing, and I loved being back in a seminar room and discussing different scenarios. I even surprised myself with how much I remembered. As much as I love marketing, I still consider myself a writer and it definitely reignited the writer/journalist passion in me.

notebook pen and keyboard

3. Pampers. For a month or two we had issues with Jenson waking up damp in the morning. Even though the Pampers Baby Dry packaging says ‘lasts up to 12 hours’, it barely lasted ten, but they’ve been screening new ads that looked more promising. I Facebooked the Pampers team for advice and they kindly sent me a voucher to buy one of their new packs. With three absorbing channels they are meant to lock in more liquid – and they do! I actually think they’re the reason why Jenson no longer wakes before 7am (touch wood!). The last two days we’ve had some leakage but he’s still been happy and awake at 7am – winners!

pampers baby dry

4. The Story of Forgetting. I browsed books in a charity shop the other day and picked up a couple of new to me books which looked interesting. One of them was The Story of Forgetting, which I read this week on the commute. The cover attracted me at first and the premise seemed interesting: 15 year old Seth discovers his mum has early on-set Alzheimer’s. Having kept most of her past to herself while he was growing up, Seth sets out to find out more about his family before it’s too late. Partly inspired by writer Stefan Merrill Block’s own family history, it’s a really moving and informative book. If you have Alzheimer’s in your family, it’s well worth a read and may help you find out more about the disease in an accessible manner.

the story of forgetting by stefan merrill block

5. Queen of Awesome. Yep, that’s me! Just kidding. Kinda… It’s my new awesome shower gel. I ran out of my usual shower gel a while back and resorted to Jenson’s bath wash and Luke’s shower gel as I kept forgetting to pick up more. When we were in Sainsburys I spotted this cute Happy Jackson shower gel (I’m a sucker for fun packaging) and gave it a go. It’s watermelon and mint and smells amazing. And that’s the colour of the gel, not the bottle. Pretty cool, right? Plus it leaves my skin super-soft. I’ve got quite sensitive skin so I’m often wary of colourful and scented products but it’s perfect. And only £3.00.

queen of awesome happy jackson shower gel

Have you all got a lovely weekend planned? Me and Jenson are off to spend the day with my mum tomorrow while Luke’s at work :)

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