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Item of the day: Positive News merchandise

I've said before how much I love Positive News and now I've browsed their store I love it even more. These bags and t-shirts are perfect for media geeks such as myself. Tote bag, £5.00, t-shirt, £14.99 Follow me on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Bloglovin

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Friday Favourites #15

Autumn is definitely on the way - it was still dark when I got up for work the other day! Granted, it was a particularly early start and I was up just before 6am, but still. Summer is pretty much over so it's time to rediscover the joy in the little things, like finding a… Continue reading Friday Favourites #15

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Book review: Become a Freelance Writer

I recently received a copy of Rachael Oku's e-book Become a Freelance Writer: Your complete guide to the business of writing. For those of you not in the know, Rachel founded the fantastic Creative Bloc, a social enterprise for freelance writers. Outside of her work on Creative Bloc, Rachel is a freelance editorial consultant, editor… Continue reading Book review: Become a Freelance Writer