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My life in photos: September 2016

I’m finally sat at my laptop for the first time in over a week! I’d like to say it’s because I’ve spent the last week unpacking and sprucing up the new place but, truth be told, I’m sat in bed, surrounded by bin bags full of clothes and the office is still full of boxes. But that’s a moan for another day! Right now I want to celebrate the awesomeness that was September.

September always feels like the start of a new year to me – probably because I’ve only been out of the education environment for one year since the day I started school! Yet, funnily enough, there’s not a single new stationery product featured in this month’s life in photos. I’m impressed/surprised!

september 2016 in photos

1. Of course, any month has to start with a new bullet journal page, ammiright? I tried something a bit different this month with the title page. I haven’t even unpacked my bujo yet – I need to get started on my October pages!
2. Roald Dahl Day fell on 13 September and I celebrated by making a start on this bio. I’m still struggling through. It’s interesting but very long-winded
3. The best hot chocolate ever – Milky Way Magic Stars. Mmmmmmm…
4. Have I mentioned that I went to the Cornwall Design Fair? You should seriously check out the fab designers I highlighted in my post
5. I took part in a few Twitter chats last month and really enjoyed the conversations. I ‘liked’ a load of accounts/tweets to check out and follow at a later date. I really need to get on that and share some of my faves!
6. My boss got married! And I had a cocktail. It was yummers
7. I finally got a cinematic lightbox! Just £7.99 from B&M. I couldn’t leave it there at that price!
8. So, we moved house! And I finally got to hang this gorgeous print on the wall after nearly two years
9. My first bouquet from Appleyard arrived (I won a three months’ subscription on Rosalilium). Look how pretty!

I’m going to share Jenson’s 16 months update next week, complete with adjusting to the new house and starting nursery, but I’m gonna share his month in photos here.

jensons september 2016 photos

1. I love it when he picks up books and starts flicking through them
2. Sitting like such a grown up in his chair
3. He loves his new shoes – and putting them away in the box
4. One of his favourite shows
5. Luke built him/them a den out of our moving boxes. He bleddy loved it!
6. So freakin’ scrummy in his new hat
7. What is it about babies looking so cute when they squat like that?!
8. Watching Scherzy – takes after his uncle!
9. All packed and ready to go!

Here’s to October! I’m looking forward to Halloween, settling into the new place and seeing my old uni housemate for the second time in nine years!!! What are you looking forward to this month?

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