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Saturday Share #72

According to Bloglovin, I follow 420 blogs. But over the last few weeks I’ve found that my feed hasn’t contained as many new posts. There have been lots of Bloglovin posts and ‘recommended’ posts but perhaps not as many from those I follow. Does anyone else have this problem or could it just be a case of these bloggers no longer posting regularly, if at all? I’d be interested to know how you’ve found the app lately. Here’s what I’ve loved reading this week.

saturday share_blue

I’ve just pinned Cathryn’s spicey stuffed peppers recipe. Looks so good!

Hannah Gale is back with a fab new design and some bitchin’ posts, including this one on the business side of blogging and things our generation was the last to experience

Helen’s post on handprint art ideas has come at the perfect time as I’m looking for fun Christmas craft ideas for Jenson

I love Gwennan’s monthly words of wisdom and these ones from Anne of Green Gables are beautiful

When it comes to comic books, everyone seems to be talking about Saga. I think I need to add it to The List…

What have you loved reading this week?

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