Free comic book haul
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Free comic book haul

A couple of weeks ago my neighbour had a clear out and left a massive box of comic books on her doorstep - for nice nerds only. Now, I don't like to toot my own horn, but I like to think I'm a nice nerd - so I took about half the box! I sorted… Continue reading Free comic book haul

saturday share_blue
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Saturday Share #72

According to Bloglovin, I follow 420 blogs. But over the last few weeks I've found that my feed hasn't contained as many new posts. There have been lots of Bloglovin posts and 'recommended' posts but perhaps not as many from those I follow. Does anyone else have this problem or could it just be a… Continue reading Saturday Share #72

follow friday
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Follow Friday #43

While I was writing last week's Follow Friday post my old and knackered MacBook Pro (please don't die!) crapped out on me because I had too many tabs open! Oops! So this week's post was intended to be an extended version before Bloglovin' seemed to go down on Thursday night. 'trific! Good excuse for an… Continue reading Follow Friday #43

The Avengers books
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What I’ve been reading lately #3: The Avengers special

Before we went to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron, I had some homework to do. Ahead of seeing a new comic book film, Luke usually gives me a bit of a background from the source material, but I still tend to come out of the cinema with the questions, either because the film wasn't… Continue reading What I’ve been reading lately #3: The Avengers special


Highlights of the week

New blog finds Reverie Lane Blunt's Book Blog Blog posts and articles 29 awesome modern romantic comedies that don't insult your intelligence - Thought Catalog 35 dogs that will make your day instantly better - BuzzFeed 10 reasons the Marvel cinematic universe is doomed to fail - What Culture Our tea and crafting adventure -… Continue reading Highlights of the week


Christmas shopping in Plymouth

I went Christmas shopping in Plymouth at the weekend. I say Christmas shopping... it was more like shopping at Christmas. I had already bought everything I wanted to get for other people, so when I came across things that I thought people would like I got a bit pissed. Getting gift buying out of the… Continue reading Christmas shopping in Plymouth