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2016 Christmas Gift Guide: For Him

Anyone else notice that most of the gift guides for men tend to be full of sweaters, socks and smellies? I don’t know about you but that’s not the kind of thing the men in my life want! In fact, I asked Luke to help me put together this little gift guide. So if you have thirty-something, geeky gentleman in your life, sit back and enjoy. We’ve practically taken care of Christmas!

christmas gift guide 2016 for men
Joker print, Firebox, £19.99-49.99
Film book, Amazon, £8.99
Samurai sword bookends, Amazon, £12.50
Hologram viewer, Zavvi, £7.99
Warcraft Durotan slippers, Think Geek, $19.99
Alien cookie jar, Think Geek, $44.99
Captain America backpack, Amazon, £22.99
Headphones, Amazon, £65.00
Konstruktor DIY SLR camera, Firebox, £34.99
Groot USB car charger, Think Geek, $39.99
Death Star mood light*, Totally Funky, £19.99

Bear in mind that you’ll have to pay extra shipping costs for the ones priced in dollars.

*We were gifted this by Totally Funky for review purposes. Find the original post here.

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