Free comic book haul
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Free comic book haul

A couple of weeks ago my neighbour had a clear out and left a massive box of comic books on her doorstep - for nice nerds only. Now, I don't like to toot my own horn, but I like to think I'm a nice nerd - so I took about half the box! I sorted… Continue reading Free comic book haul

Grow and glow Groot from Zavvi
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Item of the day: Grow and Glow Groot from Zavvi

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is only a few months away and I'm so excited - mostly for Baby Groot! Zavvi has some awesome merch, particularly this Grow and Glow Groot. It comes with packs of seeds so you can grow plants around Groot. Fancy! It's available to pre-order for £19.99.

christmas gift guide 2016 for men
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2016 Christmas Gift Guide: For Him

Anyone else notice that most of the gift guides for men tend to be full of sweaters, socks and smellies? I don't know about you but that's not the kind of thing the men in my life want! In fact, I asked Luke to help me put together this little gift guide. So if you… Continue reading 2016 Christmas Gift Guide: For Him

follow friday
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Follow Friday #35

Happy New Year! Still feeling the effects of last night? Snuggle down with a brew and some biccies and let these fabulous posts entertain you. Baby Wanna know how strong a mother's love is? Check out Jodie's post, which totally gave me the warm and fuzzies. And while you're at it, this dad's post about… Continue reading Follow Friday #35

guardians of the galaxy steelbook bluray from zavvi
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Item of the day: Guardians of the Galaxy steelbook bluray from Zavvi

I don't buy a lot of DVDs these days (I used to be quite addicted - we have about 1,000) but when I do I'm all about the steelbook blurays. And why wouldn't I be? They're a bit special and totally appeal to the film geek in me. My new faves at the mo are… Continue reading Item of the day: Guardians of the Galaxy steelbook bluray from Zavvi

groot hot toys from forbidden planet
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Item of the day: Groot Hot Toys from Forbidden Planet

There's shit loads of Guardians of the Galaxy merch out there but this Groot figure from Hot Toys has to be one of my faves. Sure, it's not all singing and all dancing like some of the others but it's the most detailed. And you can't beat Hot Toys! It's £49.99 from Forbidden Planet.

my week in photos
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Highlights of the week

Plenty of recipes to try this week, along with blogging tips and days out in Cornwall. Lifestyle Pastel bedroom - Not on the High Street Chocolate Lego is made to make your mouth water - Creative Bloq I believe in you - Sailboat Thoughts :: On Being A Product Of My Family - She &… Continue reading Highlights of the week

guardians of the galaxy
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Film review: Guardians of the Galaxy

I'll be honest, I'm a sucker for superhero movies but when I first heard about Guardians of the Galaxy, I was all: "really? A talking raccoon? And a talking tree?!" The first time I saw the trailer I still wasn't convinced. Then, after repeat trips to the cinema, I had come to enjoy watching the… Continue reading Film review: Guardians of the Galaxy