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Celebrating the last year of my twenties

Yep, I’m 29. This time next year I’ll be 30 – man, that sounds grown up! In honour of the anniversary of the day my mother painstakingly brought me into this world (you have a newfound respect for what your mum goes through when you become one yourself!), I filled my belly with a carvery and had my first baby-free night. In fact, I had a baby-free 22 hours! And was completely spoiled with gorgeous gifts. Yep, it’s one of those #humblebrag ‘look what I got’ posts.

29th birthday cards

Following our recent tradition of opening our Christmas presents from each other on Christmas Eve, myself and Luke have a new tradition of doing the same on birthday eves, so I got to open these beautiful ladies early.

29th birthday - alias volume and spider gwen bobble pop vinyl

I got so much awesome stationery, including the Blogger Box of Lame, which I’m saving for a review post next week. Here are my other gorgeous stationery bits – so lucky!

29th birthday - stationery

I got some super-snuggly loungewear too. In fact, as I type this I’m snuggled up in my Olaf PJs with mermaid blanket. How awesome are those unicorn slippers? I freakin’ love Agnes’ unicorn in Despicable Me. And, obviously, Jenson loves them too.

29th birthday - loungewear

And I got some lovely girly bits from my brother, including these rather awesome mason drinking jars, and this movie ticket sign from my mum. So much awesome!

29th birthday presents

We went to the Longboat for lunch (my favourite place to go for a roast/carvery) and it was nice to go out with the whole family. Jenson was an absolute angel, which bode well for his first proper sleepover with Nanny. My mum stayed the night at our place to make it easier for Jenson with us going away for the night. I’m posting a full review of the lovely hotel on Thursday so for now I’ll just say that there were lots of bubbles!

st michaels hotel

I had a really lovely, relaxing birthday and am so grateful to everyone who helped make it special.

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