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Saturday Share #75

There’s plenty of fun blog posts to read in the run up to Christmas, along with places to visit (in Cornwall and globally) and relatable parenting. Enjoy!

saturday share_blue

I used to think I was busy before I became a mum but as a working parent there just really aren’t enough hours in the day. Rachel’s post is so bleddy relatable.

It’s weird that I haven’t been to a lot of places in Cornwall, especially those closes to home. I really need to pop along to the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens.

I love reading about how other families spend their Christmas and started the Christmas Eve box tradition last year. I forgot to gather everything in time for a book advent so we’ll start that next year. The Unmumsy Mum recently blogged about the unnecessary pressure of Christmas and it’s definitely food for thought. I wanted to cram everything in this year but we have to cut back because of the fridge freezer dying on us, so no Eden Project until next year. But it’s good to remember that it’s about the little things and spending time together as a family. Like Luke always says, Jenson is the most important thing and all that matters is he’s happy. Swoon.

Speaking of Christmas, I love Charlotte’s selection of Christmas jumpers. I want the one that says festive AF!

Every week I add a new location to my list of places to visit. This week it’s Murcia. Look how pretty!

I really want to find some time to learn to hand letter. Heart Handmade UK have some great free resources to bookmark.

What have you loved reading this week? I’ve bookmarked so many posts and accounts on Twitter; I really must find the time to check them out and share my faves.

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