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Saturday Share #143

From pregnancy news (no, not mine!) to Cornwall in the summer, here's a round-up of the blog posts I've loved this week. I can't even tell you how I excited I was when Jemma revealed her big news. I loved Michelle's post on why it's not selfish to keep your hobbies as a mum. So… Continue reading Saturday Share #143

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My bloggers of the year

I follow nearly 200 blogs on Bloglovin, from A Beautiful Chaos to Zen Scribbles. I had a semi-recent cull and unfollowed old URLs or those who hadn't posted for six months and the total still stands at 186. As I scroll through the list of blogs I follow, maybe 20 or so stand out as… Continue reading My bloggers of the year

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Saturday Share #120

As much as I love blogging, I love reading blogs too. One minute you can be wanderlusting over new places to add to your travel bucket list and the next you can be weeping over someone's personal account of a heart-breaking experience. From book hauls to recipes and home tours to pregnancy updates, my Bloglovin'… Continue reading Saturday Share #120

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Saturday Share #105

After missing last week's reading round-up due to a whole host of giveaways (there's still time to win some non-alcoholic goodies and a meal for two!), there's a bumper Saturday Share for you this week. I hosted the #lbloggers chat last week and it inspired the lovely Gwennan to write a post. I've got a… Continue reading Saturday Share #105

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Saturday Share #75

There's plenty of fun blog posts to read in the run up to Christmas, along with places to visit (in Cornwall and globally) and relatable parenting. Enjoy! I used to think I was busy before I became a mum but as a working parent there just really aren't enough hours in the day. Rachel's post… Continue reading Saturday Share #75

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Saturday Share #68

Prepare yourself for some epic reading as I make up for being MIA last week. I may not have been updating my own blog but I kept checking out my faves. Here's a round-up of my fave posts from the last fortnight. Lifestyle I love looking at Anna's renovations. Have you seen what she's done… Continue reading Saturday Share #68

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Saturday Share #54

The internet is full of so many wonderful things - like bunnies, puppies, beautifully decorated bullet journals and bedrooms straight outta Toy Story! Enjoy this week's fave reads. Blogging How many of these blogger cliches are you guilty of? I only tick half the boxes! I loved Cat's post on 15 truths we don't like… Continue reading Saturday Share #54

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Follow Friday #19

Each morning I scroll through my Bloglovin feed, marking the less interesting posts as unread and vowing to get through the rest later. It almost never happens. Now I'm changing things up and saving the more interesting looking ones to a list to be read later - so they don't fall off my feed. I… Continue reading Follow Friday #19

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The #lbloggers chat: Character and originality with @serpentineshore

Last week's #lbloggers chat was hosted by a favourite blogger of mine: Alex, from On Serptentine Shores. In fact, it was during a recent #lbloggers chat that I discovered that she is a student at the university where I work and I was also told by a colleague and friend this week that she is… Continue reading The #lbloggers chat: Character and originality with @serpentineshore