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Friday Favourites #28: A Christmas 2016 special

If ‘look what I got’ Christmas posts aren’t your thing, and if your ovaries don’t explode over photos of cute kids, then look away, cos this post ain’t for you! I wanted to take a minute to share some of my favourite photos from the day, as well as some of my favourite gifts.

Here’s a bunch of photos of Jenson looking freakin’ adorable! Luke does take a rather good photo. This first one is my new all-time favourite. Swoon!

Jenson Christmas 2016

We haven’t got many photos of his presents because they were all out and played with straight away but he was a very lucky boy. Here he is looking super cute in his Gruffalo hat, scarf and gloves set.

Jenson Christmas 2016

He got so many books! More than me I think! He certainly takes after his mother.

Jenson Christmas 2016

He got a Duplo train set which he insisted on taking to the highchair for lunch. He pushes it along the floor and says “Choo choo! Chugga chugga chugga”. Bit adorable.

Jenson Christmas 2016

He also really loves his kitchen and Twirlywoos boat. He has such a great imagination. As soon as my mum put the kitchen together for him he started making food and giving it to us to taste. He seems so grown up it’s ridiculous.

Luke cooked for us, my mum and my aunt this year – leftovers kept us going for a further four days! Sooo tasty. I splashed out and got a table cloth, napkins and crackers from Poundland (!) and we got the cutest (and yummiest!) dessert from Iceland. It’s a cream/mousse/creme brulee thing (I forget the details on the box) in the shape of an igloo with a penguin. Jenson had a taste too and liked it.

Christmas 2016_dinner table

Christmas 2016_photos with grandad

Christmas 2016_dessert

I got loads of really bleddy lovely presents, including all of the books and unicorns, it would seem! My stationery collection got a significant boost too.

Christmas 2016_presents

Christmas 2016_presents

Christmas 2016_books

Christmas 2016_hygge book

Christmas 2016_stationery

One of my favourite books is this awesome Wizard of Oz scanimation book. It’s so much fun to flick through and the cover is gorgeous.

Christmas 2016_books

Christmas 2016_books

I also got the Christmas Box of Lame and Buddy Box but I’m saving those pictures for separate review posts next week, so be sure to pop back!

Luke’s parents treated me to a Waterstones voucher and after agonising for ages over which titles to pick, these beauties arrived earlier today. I think I’m set for books until next Christmas now!

Christmas 2016_books

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are ready for whatever 2017 may bring. I’ll be back on Sunday with a goals post, as what’s New Year’s Day without a few resolutions. Have a good one!

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