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Review: The Essential Christmas #BoxOfLame

That Lame Company is one of my new favourite sites. When I finally got to open the Blogger Box of Lame on my birthday a few weeks ago I couldn’t believe how much awesome was packed in for such a bargain price. I was luckily enough to get the Essential Christmas Box of Lame for Christmas and it did not disappoint. So much pretty! Here’s what’s in the box.

review of The Essential Christmas #BoxOfLame

And those are just my favourites! Chloe’s attention to detail really is incredible and she put so much time and effort into creating loads of these little goodies herself, including the festive hot chocolates, tealight holders and decorations.

review of The Essential Christmas #BoxOfLame

The prints are always my favourite (I’m seriously running out of wall space!) and I love the sweet treats and candles. The decorations were swiftly added to my tree but I’m saving the paper chain supplies for next year.

review of The Essential Christmas #BoxOfLame

There are so many awesome stationery supplies! Want to take more care with your money in the new year? There’s a nifty little budgeting planner, plus some blank sheets to help you organise your goals for 2017 – so helpful for my 2017 goals post (check it out for a cheeky giveaway).

review of The Essential Christmas #BoxOfLame

I’m a sucker for an inspirational quote and these have already been added to my inspo wall. In fact, receiving this box gave me the kick up the arse I needed to finish organising my home office space (tour post coming soon). I have so many great stationery supplies and prints to keep me going. Thanks, Chloe!

You can order a lot of these items separately (check out the online store here) but the boxes themselves are limited in their production. Keep an eye on their social media pages for updates on the next one.

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