Review: #BlurtBuddyBox

There are so many awesome subscription services out there but one that really stands out is the Buddy Box from Blurt.

review of the Christmas #BlurtBuddyBox

Blurt is a small but fantastic team of people dedicated to supporting people with depression. Their monthly Buddy Box is a beautiful care package providing people with a hug in a box. It’s packed with goodies to help you to take a break and look after yourself, with a different theme each month. It’s also available in two different sizes, catering to most budgets. You can even order a one-off box to try before you commit to a full subscription.

I put their Christmas box on my wish list and was lucky enough to find it under my tree on Christmas Day. It really is a beauty and such a thoughtful idea. The box put a smile on my face before I even opened it!

review of the Christmas #BlurtBuddyBox

The best thing about the box is that it covers so many different areas. This month included tea, a candle and lavender oil to help you relax in the evening and get a good night’s sleep, a colouring book to help you unwind and empty your mind and a beautiful box of quotes to help you during those moments when you need it most.

review of the Christmas #BlurtBuddyBox

review of the Christmas #BlurtBuddyBox

review of the Christmas #BlurtBuddyBox

As someone who isn’t currently struggling with depression but looking to improve my mental wellbeing and practice a bit more self-care, I found some of the pause cards irrelevant but some are up on my inspo wall – the rest are in the box in case I need them one day. Or I can pass them onto someone else who needs them.

review of the Christmas #BlurtBuddyBox

review of the Christmas #BlurtBuddyBox

I really love the Amelia Earhart quote on the back of the zine, so that was cut out and put on the wall too.

review of the Christmas #BlurtBuddyBox

Unfortunately I can’t afford the full package every month but I might treat myself to a lite subscription. It’s such a great idea and I know I’d look forward to it arriving each month.

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