self care starter kit from blurt foundation
Mental Health

Self-Care Sunday #10

Way back in August 2016 I signed up to the Blurt Foundation newsletter. They sent me a self-care starter kit which I flagged to read through at a later date - that later date ended up being earlier this week! It's such a great document to have to hand whenever you need it. It covers… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #10

january blurt buddy box

Item of the day: January #BlurtBuddyBox

I really loved my Christmas Buddy Box and would subscribe in an instant if I had anything resembling a disposable income. I've been thinking about it and I'm seriously tempted to cancel my one existing subscription (to DC Comics - £20/month for two story arcs in hardback) and subscribing to the awesome Buddy Boxes. Have… Continue reading Item of the day: January #BlurtBuddyBox

review of the Christmas #BlurtBuddyBox

Review: #BlurtBuddyBox

There are so many awesome subscription services out there but one that really stands out is the Buddy Box from Blurt. Blurt is a small but fantastic team of people dedicated to supporting people with depression. Their monthly Buddy Box is a beautiful care package providing people with a hug in a box. It's packed… Continue reading Review: #BlurtBuddyBox

blurt buddybox

Item of the day: Blurt’s BuddyBox

Blurt is a fantastic charity dedicated to helping people affected by depression. One of their fab ideas is the BuddyBox - an awesome subscription service where you (or a friend) receive items to help you relax, get creative, de-stress and have fun. Great idea, huh? You can subscribe for £12 a month and receive three… Continue reading Item of the day: Blurt’s BuddyBox