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Self-Care Sunday #13

Wow, it's been a busy week. I've done the equivalent of an extra working day from home this week, taken Jenson to his swimming lesson, gymnastics and the park, plus lunch with the family and general mum/housework duties, so there's not been a helluva lot of time for me/self-care. Fortunately, I started a gratitude journal… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #13

gratitiude journal from Department Store for the Mind
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National Stationery Week 2017: Thank You Thursday [Department Store for the Mind review and giveaway]

I hope that this week's National Stationery Week posts introduce you to at least one new brand and that you discover plenty of gorgeous goodies to adorn your office with. And perhaps some will help you with more than providing a nice new pen or notebook. I first heard about Department Store for the Mind… Continue reading National Stationery Week 2017: Thank You Thursday [Department Store for the Mind review and giveaway]

Live Happy with The Green Gables

National Stationery Week 2017: Get Crafty [The Green Gables review and giveaway]

The different themes for National Stationery Week are so much fun, especially today's: Get Crafty. What stationery addict doesn't love a roll of washi tape or inspirational postcard? I've approached a different brand to work with for each themed today and chose The Green Gables for my crafty post. Gabrielle's Live Happy range is ideal… Continue reading National Stationery Week 2017: Get Crafty [The Green Gables review and giveaway]

get outside
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Self-Care Sunday #11

I'm just coming off 11 days off work in a row and some of the simplest pleasures and relaxing moments have been just getting out in the sun with the boys. Whether playing in the park, grabbing an ice cream or going for a walk and collecting leaves, it's been great to just be outside.… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #11

daily self-care tips for new mums
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Simple daily self-care tips for new mums

As a first-time mum I can vouch for the fact nothing can prepare you for how hard motherhood is. That's not to say that I regret it for a single second but it's easy to lose touch with who you were pre-baby. When my maternity leave ended I went back to work part-time. On top… Continue reading Simple daily self-care tips for new mums

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Self-Care Sunday #5

Thursdays are normally a rush. I've just finished my working week (#sorrynotsorry) so I'm super-tired as it is and I generally have just under an hour to get Jenson ready for swimming. It's not worth waking him earlier - have you ever woken a toddler? Ugh! In that time we both get dressed, have breakfast… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #5

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Self-Care Sunday #4

If feeling poorly this week has proved anything it's that you should sleep when you need to. Sounds simple, right? But when our lives are so busy (I'm trying to balance a job, this blog, family life and some half-arsed attempt at a social life), sleep can fall down the list of priorities. There are… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #4

review of the Christmas #BlurtBuddyBox

Review: #BlurtBuddyBox

There are so many awesome subscription services out there but one that really stands out is the Buddy Box from Blurt. Blurt is a small but fantastic team of people dedicated to supporting people with depression. Their monthly Buddy Box is a beautiful care package providing people with a hug in a box. It's packed… Continue reading Review: #BlurtBuddyBox

goals for 2017

Goals for 2017 – and a giveaway!

I didn't really set any new year's resolutions for the last couple of years - I just wanted to focus on being a good mum. Now I feel like I've settled into the working mum routine and it's time to focus on myself a bit more. In my latest Box of Lame (more on that… Continue reading Goals for 2017 – and a giveaway!