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Friday Favourites #36

Not gonna lie, this week has been rough. I’ve found out what it’s like to be poorly at the same time as your child – man, is it hard! But there have still been some highlights. Here’s this week’s Friday Favourites.

1. Being looked after. Yeah, it was ‘just a cold’, but it was the kind of cold that brings with it pounding headaches and a constant flow of a snot so strong that you just need to lie in bed with tissues wedged up your nose, dosing up on Lemsip and trying to sleep through the worst of it. Add to that an equally poorly toddler who just wants to be baby spoon and you’re in for a rough ride. On the plus side Luke was an angel, bringing us drinks to keep our fluids up, making homemade soup, popping out for blueberries to make pancakes and stocking up on ‘medicinal’ chocolate. I also slept more than I have since Jenson was born! We were in bed by 5.30pm on Monday and 7pm on Tuesday. Winner!

2. Cadburys Medley. Luke bought me a Medley chocolate bar when I was feeling rubbish and it’s one of my new favourites. It has chunks of biscuit and fudge in it so it’s awesome!

cadburys medley chocolate bar

3. Frozen. We watch this a lot – sometimes four times in one day! Ed Sheeran and Frozen seem to be the only things that will settle Jenson when he’s in a whingey mood. And it’s instant! I’d love to be able to ask him what it is about that film. It’s fast-become my most-watched film ever and I know it practically word for word. I get a different kind of enjoyment from watching it now as I love to watch Jenson watch it. He anticipates his favourite songs and scenes and says the words before they come on, he dances to some of the songs, he grabs one of his toy Olafs when Olaf first appears, he says ‘bu-bye’ to Elsa as she runs across the frozen fjords, he comes over for a kiss when the trolls kiss… There are so many cute moments.

jenson watching frozen

4. Inspiration. Luke spotted a great series on Netflix called Abstract: The Art of Design. I’ve found it really inspiring. Each episode focuses on a designer who works in a specific area, including, architecture, theater design, illustration and even designing the Air Jordan trainers. It’s really interesting and I’d recommend it to all you creative types.

abstrac: the art of design
Image via

5. World Book Day. I didn’t do anything special for World Book Day, just shared some bookish posts from the archives, but I scrolled through the hashtag on Twitter yesterday and found some fun quotes and posts – and competitions. I’ve got my fingers crossed that some new books might be coming my way soon. I’m currently reading Sophie Kinsella’s Finding Audrey (finally!) but because I started it on the bus for work on Monday and have been off sick since, I haven’t had a chance to finish it. I like it so far though. I’m surprised that my fave chick lit author has written such a thoughtful and insightful young adult book on mental health.

finding audrey by sophie kinsella

How has your week been? Got anything exciting on this weekend? If Jenson’s cough is a bit clearer we might go for a wander around the park. It’s been quite chesty bless him and just playing at home with Luke turns into a little coughing fit at times. Poor little chap.

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