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What Jenson has been reading lately #2

Jenson is a massive bookworm and it's hardly surprising, given that one of my favourite pastimes as a kid was going to the library and taking out the maximum amount of books. It doesn't bother me that the TV is nearly always on when we're at home and he knows how to use my smartphone… Continue reading What Jenson has been reading lately #2

jenson's 2017 christmas list
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Jenson’s Christmas list 2017

Wondering what to buy a two-year-old for Christmas? These days, Peppa Pig and Twirlywoos are the favourites in our house. When you're shopping for little ones it's got to be books and toys, right? We finished shopping for Jenson a while back and his presents pretty much consist of Peppa Pig, Duplo, books and a… Continue reading Jenson’s Christmas list 2017

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Friday Favourites #36

Not gonna lie, this week has been rough. I've found out what it's like to be poorly at the same time as your child - man, is it hard! But there have still been some highlights. Here's this week's Friday Favourites. 1. Being looked after. Yeah, it was 'just a cold', but it was the… Continue reading Friday Favourites #36