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Moana, Talking As Fast As I Can and International Women’s Day #LittleLoves

You might have noticed that it’s Friday and this isn’t a Friday Favourites post. Well, it kinda is but I’ve mixed it up a bit. I’m re-launching the blog in a couple of weeks with a new design and I’m changing a few things around in order to immerse myself in the blogging community a bit – like with the #LittleLoves linky. I’d love to know what you think of the new format so do leave me a comment when you’re done reading.


I read Lauren Graham’s Talking As Fast As I Can and it was even better than I expected. Having only seen her in Gilmore Girls and Evan Almighty (!) I didn’t know how much I’d get into it but it was such a great read. The woman is genuinely hilarious and it would work so well as an audio book; I could practically hear her reading it to me as it is, which is testament to her writing. The Year in the Life section gave me goosebumps and Old Lady Jackson is freakin brilliant. A part that I found surprisingly relatable and helpful was on giving yourself time and space to write. I’ll definitely be checking out her novel.

talking as fast as i can by lauren graham


In an attempt to get Jenson to watch anything other than Frozen we’ve acquired some new material, including Finding Dory and Moana. He loves his Dory toy so seeing her up on the screen is always good. Not gonna lie, it was a bit of an emotional viewing experience. And I finally saw Moana! The girls at work have been raving about it for ages and I can see why. It’s such a beautiful film with a cracking soundtrack and strong female lead (wooo!). And Jenson already loves it! He dances to the songs and copies Moana when she’s trying to navigate the sea – cuteness overload!


I’m finally getting into podcasts! I’ve avoided them before because I’m not great at listening and doing something else at the same time as my mind wanders but I started with Jemma/Dorkface’s The Odd Pear and have kept searching for more. So far I like Hashtag Authentic and I’ve tried a few Magic Lessons. I’ve followed a few on Sound Cloud to check out later, including Girl Friday, BookD Podcast and Millennial Podcast. Got any recommendations?


Luke has cooked dinner nearly every day since I went back to work just over a year ago, so making anything in the kitchen is a rare occurrence for me. Luke wasn’t feeling very well earlier in the week so I went crazy and made some fish and potatoes. I didn’t go that crazy – it was frozen fish and microwavable baby potatoes with butter from Iceland. But it’s the thought that counts!


I love my Sketchers boots. I’ve worn them every day for two winters and they’ve just started leaking – I had actual puddles in my boots when I got to work the other day. So now I need to find something equally epic but more affordable. Now’s the time, I spose, now winter is coming to an end.

And lastly…

I was inspired by some many bloggers and Instagrammers on International Women’s Day. I’ll be sharing some of my favourite blog posts in tomorrow’s Saturday Share but you’ve got to check out kimothyjoy‘s Instagram account.

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To find out more about #LittleLoves, head over to Coffee Work Sleep Repeat.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

12 thoughts on “Moana, Talking As Fast As I Can and International Women’s Day #LittleLoves”

  1. So lovely to have you joining in with Little Loves! I’m sorry I’m so late in popping over for a read, I honestly don’t know where this week has gone.
    I’m just getting into podcasts too and have been loving Hashtag Authentic, I must find some more to add to my list. x

  2. I started joining in with Little Loves latter part of last year and love it. I’ve yet to see Moana but it’s on my list of ‘must see films’ after Trolls because my girls (although teenagers) rave about it! You’ve made that book sound really appealing. I love Gilmore Girls so might be one for me. Sounds like she’s very similar similar to the Lorelei character.

  3. I am about to read this book. I love her! I love Gilmore Girls who doesn’t? It reminds me of me and my mother growing up. She has to be the funniest lady I have ever heard interviewed too. Definitely a great read. Sounds like you have had a great week. I will have to check out Moana too. Hope your week is going well. Welcome to joining in the linky it’s fab been doing it for years. Love getting to know more blogs through linkies too. #littleloves

  4. Since watching Moana with the kids two weeks ago we have had the Shiny song on everyday, they have insisted on making boats and being Hay Hay and Moana too… I’m apparently Mowi !

  5. That book sounds great – I’ve not actually watched Gilmore Girls yet (!) though it’s on my list for future, but might check out the book regardless. You’ve also made me want to check out Moana :)

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