birthday christmas list 2017
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My 2017 birthday/Christmas wish list

In case I've not mentioned it enough already, I turn 30 at the end of the month - eek! People have been warned against surprise parties, speeches, singing and any memorabilia with my age on but, ya know, presents are always gratefully received. I'm not a monster! Now that I'm old there's nothing I really… Continue reading My 2017 birthday/Christmas wish list

finger painting
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Gilmore Girls, finger painting and addictive reads #LittleLoves

This week has been pretty eventful, for Jenson at least. After skipping a nursery session due to a cold he then went on to sail through the next - with minimal tears and he actually played! His next session will be upped to two hours and it'll include snack time, so let's hope he keeps… Continue reading Gilmore Girls, finger painting and addictive reads #LittleLoves

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Saturday Share #94

There's definitely a mix of favourite posts this week, including discussions on mental health, blog collaborations and wanderlusting. Have a gander below. I love the opportunities that blogging offers and opens up for creatives. Cathryn from Little Paper Swans has just launched her own stock images and is also working on some short courses. If… Continue reading Saturday Share #94

talking as fast as i can
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Moana, Talking As Fast As I Can and International Women’s Day #LittleLoves

You might have noticed that it's Friday and this isn't a Friday Favourites post. Well, it kinda is but I've mixed it up a bit. I'm re-launching the blog in a couple of weeks with a new design and I'm changing a few things around in order to immerse myself in the blogging community a… Continue reading Moana, Talking As Fast As I Can and International Women’s Day #LittleLoves

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Saturday Share #83

The blogosphere is so relatable and inspiring, always encouraging me to be a better writer. Here's what I've loved reading this week. Oh so many relatable blog posts this week. Like Sophie I often wonder where I fit into the world of blogging, Molly's Gilmore Girls addiction is me a few weeks ago and my… Continue reading Saturday Share #83

gilmore girls a year in the life
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Friday Favourites #26

OK, so I may be starting this post in the wee hours of Saturday morning but I haven't been to sleep yet, so it's still technically Friday! It's been another week of late nights for Jenson, which means one exhausted mumma and little time for blogging. Especially when there's housework to be done and Christmas… Continue reading Friday Favourites #26

rorys books print from etsy
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Item of the day: Gilmore Girls prints on Etsy

I spotted this awesome Gilmore Girls print on Fat Frocks' Instagram yesterday and got a bit carried away looking on Etsy. The danger of looking for Gilmore Girls merch is that I'm still only on season four and don't want any spoilers. I spotted this print of Rory's books which I think I might need… Continue reading Item of the day: Gilmore Girls prints on Etsy

three fictional characters
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You know I can't resist a good tag or trend, so I had to get in on the #threefictionalcharacters action. In case you've missed it, it's where you define yourself in three fictional characters in a meme/collage. According to this Hollywood Life quiz, I'm a foodie and so my spirit characters are Liz Lemon, Bilbo… Continue reading #ThreeFictionalCharacters

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Saturday Share #60

There's something good about finding the time to publish these weekly posts late on a Saturday night (#partyon) - it means y'all have loads to read over your Sunday morning coffee! You're welcome. Read on for Cornwall travel tips, beautiful books, blogging recommendations and more. Cornwall Whether you're a local or you're visiting for a… Continue reading Saturday Share #60

my life in photos: july 2016
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My life in photos: July 2016

Looking back through my July photos reminded me what a sociable little bugger I was for a few weeks! Whodda thunk it? I managed to squeeze in a mums' night out, date night and family day out, as well as the usual coffee drinking, flower smelling and Netflix binges. Here's a look at my July… Continue reading My life in photos: July 2016