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Self-Care Sunday #5

Thursdays are normally a rush. I’ve just finished my working week (#sorrynotsorry) so I’m super-tired as it is and I generally have just under an hour to get Jenson ready for swimming. It’s not worth waking him earlier – have you ever woken a toddler? Ugh! In that time we both get dressed, have breakfast and get swimming stuff and lunch ready before heading out for the day. Then, after swimming, it’s another rush to get us both dry and dressed and out for the bus to have lunch at my mum’s – there’s one bus every half an hour or I have to walk up a stonking geet hill (how Cornish of me!). I normally get to my mum’s a bit stressed and flustered but this week was different. As I walked down her road I caught myself smiling. I was happy. I was relaxed. I wasn’t feeling particularly stressed about anything. And a large part of that was because I slowed down.

self-care sunday - coffee, cake and babyccinos

After swimming we grabbed coffee, cake and babyccinos with our friends and it turns out that taking an hour to just slow down, enjoy the moment and catch up (properly – not just a quick conversation while battling fidgety toddlers in a small changing room) makes all the difference. One friend is going to have a second child on her hands in a matter of days so moments like these are going to become few and far between.

So my self-care tip for you this week is to slow down. Go on, you’ll feel so much better for it.

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