Saturday Share #94

There’s definitely a mix of favourite posts this week, including discussions on mental health, blog collaborations and wanderlusting. Have a gander below.

saturday share

I love the opportunities that blogging offers and opens up for creatives. Cathryn from Little Paper Swans has just launched her own stock images and is also working on some short courses.

If you’re looking for some blogging inspiration, check out Charlotte’s podcast recommendations. I’ll certainly be adding a few to my list.

Oh, with the wanderlust! So many random places are popping up on my must-visit list lately, including Poland and Austria. A little closer to home is Trebah Gardens, somewhere I’ve still never been.

Because I never watched Gilmore Girls the first time round, I think I was more aware of how un-PC it was at times when I saw it last year. Mel blogged about the portrayal of mental illness on TV and it definitely made me see some of my favourite shows in a new light. Speaking of mental illness, Nicole has written a very helpful post on how you can raise awareness of mental health. You don’t even have to talk about your own experiences, just let people know that you’re there for them.

I barely go a week without linking up Gwennan but I have to mention a post I read a couple of nights ago. She wrote about feeling sour in blogging and I can totally relate. Of course we bloggers don’t (just) blog for the opportunities but it can be disheartening to see others take for granted collaborations that we would jump at.

Have you read a particularly relatable post this week?

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