Saturday Share #99

This week I’ve been falling for Cornish blogs, debating politics, wanderlusting and swooning over bujos. Take a look at this week’s fave posts.

saturday share

You’d be forgiven for thinking that being a blogger in Cornwall is relatively niche but there are loads of other Cornish blogs that I love and follow; they’re great for discovering local spots that I might otherwise have missed. Chloe just reviewed Bedruthan Steps Hotel and Spa, which looks amazing and is now top of my list for my 30th, and Kirsty and Phil have reviewed Amelie’s in Porthleven and the Slice of Cornwall Tearoom in Wendron – both places I need to try and get to over the summer. They also produce some pretty incredible prints of key places to visit in Cornwall.

With the General Election just around the corner, everyone is taking to social media to bitch and moan – about parties, their leaders, what’s appropriate for people to discuss online, unfriending people who dare voice an opinion, etc. I loved Molly’s post about why we need to talk to our kids about politics.

So much wanderlust again this week, with dreams of travelling to Singapore, Gran Canaria and Tokyo.

Looking for some stationery/bullet journal porn? Kirsty and Gwennan have got you covered!

Have you found any new favourite blogs in that rather awesome round-up?

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