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Birthday celebrations, summer footwear and awesome post #LittleLoves

I’ve had a hectic week off work as we’ve been celebrating Jenson’s second birthday! I’m now officially the mother of a two year old. May the tantrums begin (continue…). But Jenson hasn’t been the only one to receive some epic stuff over the last few days. Here’s a look at our week.

Read: As I’ve not been at work I’ve not had time to pick up a book but I have been reading Jenson’s lovely birthday cards. One especially fabulous mum nearly made me cry with what she wrote in hers. Nearly…

Watched: I really wanted to be able to write The Handmaid’s Tale here but I haven’t had time to see the first episode yet. Like 13 Reasons Why, it’s not appropriate viewing for Jenson, which means I can’t really watch it as he’s drifting off – then I don’t have time to watch it while he’s sleeping because I’m catching up on housework or blogging. Plus, y’know, I like sleep too! I’m writing this post at 11.30pm and it’s my turn for a lie-in in the morning so, if he doesn’t wake up and come in our bed beforehand, maybe I can sneak in the pilot tonight. Wish me luck! Of course I could just watch more Gilmore Girls and fall asleep after five minutes…

Heard: I’ve been trying to catch up on Sarah Tasker’s Hashtag Authentic but there are so many and it’s another thing I don’t have the time for. I can’t have a podcast on in the background while I’m writing because I can’t concentrate and miss bits. Fortunately laundry is mind-numbingly dull so I managed to catch a couple of oldies earlier in the week. I’ve decided to skip straight to titles that really interest me rather than try and fit them all in so I’ve gone for ‘is blogging still relevant?’ and ‘what brands look for in influencers’. Super helpful!

hashtag authentic by sarah tasker

Made: I’m really stretching here as Luke does 99.9% of the cooking and I’m not especially crafty so I’m gonna shout out the epic sausage sandwiches I made for brunch the other day. Go me!

Wore: Once you switch to flip flops you can never go back (until the winter) so it takes me a while to fully commit – but commit I have! Problem is I’m still trying to break in a pair from two summers ago so it’s not going very well.

And lastly: I received some very epic post from Abrams + Chronicle yesterday and can’t wait to share more info in future review posts. In the meantime, here’s a teaser. Ain’t they pretty?

Abrams + Chronicle post

Have a lovely weekend! We’re off to our last birthday party of the season tomorrow. I can’t believe all the babies are now two!

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

8 thoughts on “Birthday celebrations, summer footwear and awesome post #LittleLoves”

  1. Oh hope Jenson had a lovely birthday! Sounds like you’ve had a busy week. I can totally relate with having so much you want to watch/ read/ do but just not having the time to fit it in! I have so much I want to do in the evening it’s so hard to prioritise. Honestly, I’ve been pushing everything aside to watch Gilmore Girls but I’ve finished that now. I really want to see The Handmaids Tale, it looks so goo. Might start watching it tonight if I can. I’ve not heard of Hashtag Authentic before, but may have to listen and see what I’m missing, I could do with something to keep me from going nuts during my washing and folding!

  2. Woah The Handmaid’s Tale looks so good! I really want to watch this now after seeing that trailer. Finally an original series! I’ve been meaning to listen to Hashtag Authentic too, if it’s good then I’m definitely going to give it ago. I hate breaking into flipflops! But I live in flipflops, even in the rain like a crazy person. I hate winter and wearing boots. I’m glad the sun is out a bit more now though so I don’t have wet feet all the time. It sounds like you’ve had a lovely week off and a huge happy birthday to Jenson! I hope you have a good weekend. #littleloves xx

  3. That’s a lot of books! Hope Jenson had a lovely birthday. I tend to listen to hashtag authentic while I’m reading #littleloves posts, although I must admit it means I often have to stop it and listen to things again. I almost feel like I should have a notebook handy to jot down ideas. Have a great weeked!

  4. I can relate. I love reading, films and good tv but since having my second child sleep and blogging seem to come first! I love hashtag authentic too, I usually do the household chores whilst listening. Happy birthday Jenson. #littleloves

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