A community for stationery lovers

I’m a massive nerd (shock horror!) – I’ve been looking for Facebook groups for stationery addicts and couldn’t find one!

blogging stationery and prints

I’m a member of different blogging and bullet journal groups but couldn’t find one for stationery addicts – a place to share blog posts without being accused of focusing on self-promotion or spamming, and a place to find bargains and giveaways that aren’t bujo specific.

blogging stationery and prints

I know there are others out there with similar nerdy interests so I’ve set up a group/community. If you’re a fellow nerd, join me! Feel free to link up your blog and social media accounts and get sharing. Hopefully I’ll see you there soon! :)

Join the group here.

2 thoughts on “A community for stationery lovers”

  1. This is a lovely idea. I was addicted to stationary when I was younger. I’ve grown out of it a bit now due to trying to reduce stuff I own!

    Corinne x

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