Following last month’s stationery swap I was keen to take part in something similar again and jumped at the chance to join Barb (Rite While You Can) and Jessica’s (The Paper Trail Diary) Book Lover Postcard Swap. As with Jocelyn’s stationery swap, you just add your contact details and choose if you want to swap with someone in the UK or international and they pair you up.


For the Book Lover Postcard Swap we were encouraged to send a postcard and talk about something that we like to read in the summer – bonus points for literary-themed cards. The wonderful Fiona sent me two postcards – a summer theme and a book theme! – and they went straight up on my inspo wall. I sent her back a literary postcard which I conveniently received in the stationery swap, along with one of my Breakfast at Tiffany’s notecards. Any excuse to send one of those beauties!


I’d like to do something like this quite regularly so if you know of any other sign ups do link them up in the comments. Likewise, if you’d like to get involved in something similar, leave a comment or pop on over to the Stationery Addicts Facebook group I set up a couple of weeks ago. We already have 200 members!

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