Mental Health

Self-Care Sunday #19

This week’s post may seem like a bit of a cop out as I’ve not had any time for self-care this week but stick with me here. My latest self-care tip is to have a good moan. Seriously, don’t bottle it all up.

It wasn’t until 8.30pm on Friday that I finally had some time to myself this week. On Monday and Tuesday I was too hot and tired to do anything other than sleep after work, on Wednesday I went to bed early with a headache and on Thursday I fell asleep with Jenson around 10pm (he had a nap in the day and took forever to go to sleep). So, come Friday evening, when Jenson was in bed by 6.45pm (yay!), I had dinner, tidied up, caught up on laundry, had a shower and settled down to my first bit of blogging all week. It really bothered me that I hadn’t blogged for four days because it wasn’t my choice not to. I feel less like me when I don’t have time to write and I hated backdating posts to make it all fit in.

good vibes only

My gratitude journal has helped, although I can’t help feeling like I’m not using it properly. Somedays I fill in one of my three slots with ‘bus was on time’ or ‘Luke cooked an amazing dinner’ (you wouldn’t believe how many are food related) and I feel like there are more little things I should be appreciating. Although I do write my favourite daily Jenson memories in his own little diary.

When you don’t have time for ‘real’ self-care, what helps get you through the week?

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