Mental Health

Self-Care Sunday #20

It’s been another week where I’ve not had a lot of time to myself but last night I actually asked for help. I’m behind on blogging (I put too much pressure on myself to stick to my self-imposed schedule) and I haven’t had time to work on my contributions to an awesome magazine which I’ve been offered the chance to work on, plus I really wanted to finish the book I’ve been reading on the bus this week. Monday night I went to bed with Jenson, Tuesday I managed half an hour or so of blogging, Wednesday I went out for dinner with colleagues/friends, Thursday I went to bed with Jenson and Friday I went to bed with Jenson.

Review: Box of Lame from That Lame Company

You’d think I was well rested but he’s had some late ones and travelling for work and hanging out with a two year old is freaking exhausting. So last night I asked Luke to put Jenson to bed, I had a shower, quickly pulled this post together (and decided to neglect Little Loves and Saturday Share for the week rather than try and play catch up) and now I’m about to pick up my book and no doubt fall asleep in five minutes. Hopefully I can squeeze in some alone sleeping before Jenson comes and joins me. Wish me luck!

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