My life in photos: June 2017

Seriously, how are we halfway through the year?! Christmas will be here before we know it. Last week it felt like summer has already been and gone but apparently the heatwave is on the way back – so Jenson might get some use out of his paddling pool yet (yep, the weather turned the day we bought it. Soz and that). Here’s a look at what we got up to last month.

my life in photos: june 2017

1. Love having the time to pop to Duke Street Cafe after swimming

2. I have a great working relationship with Abrams & Chronicle and love this book they sent me ahead of the General Election. Such an inspiration.

3. We saw Wonder Woman – and loved it. I think it was only the second or third time we’ve been to the cinema together this year.

4. I took part in a stationery swap and now I’m looking for more fun swaps.

5. I went along to a new Alice in Wonderland themed cafe called Curiouser Creations. It’s so cool!

6. Dom bought me the new Box of Lame. I think it might be my favourite yet.

7. We bought some patio furniture for the balcony. Got the kid a paddling pool too ready for the next heatwave.

8. We went to St Michael’s Mount for an upcoming collaborative post. Look out for a review and giveaway in a couple of weeks.

9. We had such lovely weather for my last week of annual leave. I took Jenson for a walk to get some stock photos.

my life in photos: june 2017

1. I worked with Totally Funky on a review post for Father’s Day. How perfect is this sign?!

2. Felt the sand between my toes for the first time this year. Haven’t got in the sea yet. All in good time…

3. I won another Twitter giveaway which included this gorgeous signed copy of A Monster Calls. Man, that’s a heartbreaking book!

4. Have you seen the new range of Despicable Me stationery in Sainsburys? IT’S SO FLUFFY I WANNA DIE!!!

5. The latest issue of Blogosphere might be the best yet. I was so impressed with the variety of content.

6. We’ve been to soft play a couple of times and Jenson has grown so much in his confidence and abilities. He loves the new keyboard. Wonder what he’ll be getting for Christmas…

7. I also took part in the #BookLoverPostcardSwap. If you look you can find so many awesome swaps to take part in. I’m waiting for the upcoming book swap.

8. After finally finishing the Netflix series I had to order a copy of Thirteen Reasons Why. No doubt I’ll be sobbing through this on the bus this week.

9. I’ve been so sociable and taken part in loads of blogger activities this month, including Stasia’s #ReadWomenMonth Instagram challenge. These are the titles I read by women this month. Note my awesome t-shirt which I won for the launch of The Nopebook. I’m thinking about wearing it in a new profile pic.

Here’s to July, which brings exciting times for my blog’s fifth birthday.

A Cornish Mum

1 thought on “My life in photos: June 2017”

  1. I love that there is always stationery in your list of likes and loved, woman after my own heart there! Sounds like a great June :) Hope your July has been just as fab. Thanks for joining in with #LikedandLoved

    Stevie x

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