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Finding the time for daily blogging

While I’m not actively taking part in Blogtober or Blogmas, I have been sort of accidentally blogging on the daily for a while now, so if you’re in the midst of Blogtober and are wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into, or are thinking about planning ahead for Blogmas, here are a few little tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

I’m still surprised that I’ve managed to have a new blog post up every day while working (admittedly part-time), commuting three plus hours a day and raising a toddler – and all of those little joys that come along with family life and a virtually non-existent social life.

daily blogging

Schedule everything

The ‘easy’ solution would be to make the most of that time on the bus and plan/draft posts on the commute but, as a book blogger, this tends to be my reading time – have you ever tried reading and looking after a two year old?

I do, however, use part of my morning commute to schedule my tweets. I schedule my blog posts to go live at 7am so that by the time I’m on the bus at 7.20 I can get my tweets scheduled for various times of the day, utilising hashtags and @ing RT accounts. I also share posts to relevant Facebook groups, such as my stationery addicts group. My bullet journal posts also get a lot of views from the more engaged bujo groups.

daily blogging

Got a day job? Utilise your lunch break.

The new winter bus timetable works around my job a lot better, so I’m able to give myself a whole hour lunch break – this allows for half an hour to eat and gossip with colleagues and half an hour to check my emails and social media. I also tend to post on Instagram at lunchtime with something relevant to the day’s post – and typically something extra/non-bloggy in the evening. Because I finish work at 4pm I typically do another quick email check on the way home to catch any PRs before they head off for the day.

daily blogging

Take your photos in advance and in bulk

I work Monday-Wednesday and Luke works Saturday-Sunday, so if I want take photos in natural light I tend to do a big product photography/flatlay sesh on a Friday afternoon. Because we have some studio lights this isn’t essential and also means I can do reshoots when Jenson has gone to bed.

We’ve been quite lucky lately (watch me jinx this!) as Jenson has given up his naps for the most part and sleeps from around 7pm-7am, meaning I have a good three hours or so in the evening to sort the laundry, do the dishes, have a shower and schedule a couple of blog posts – or catch another episode of Daredevil with Luke. Have I mentioned how behind we are on Netflix’s Marvel series?

Evening blog work tends to consist of consulting my blog planner, photo editing, writing and scheduling posts, tracking my stats, reaching out to PRs for future campaigns and general blog admin. Jenson tends to wake around 10-11pm and then resettles immediately if I take him into our room. If he wakes earlier, Luke brings my laptop in to me so I can carry on writing but it means I have to abandon photography for the day.

Although some days are harder than others, I’m glad that I’ve found a way to be quite productive with my time, allowing for time for blogging at the end of the day as well as a good night’s sleep. What tips do you have for maximising your blog output?

8 thoughts on “Finding the time for daily blogging”

  1. You shared some great tips, like taking blog photos in bulk. And it seems like you’ve got a pretty good handle on time management! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am so impressed with anyone who can find the time in the midst of a busy life to get a blog post up every day. Very impressive. Thanks for the suggestions. I’d also like to tell you that in browsing your posts, I love how each one seems to have a lot of images and those images are all so good. I’d love for you to post suggestions on photos for posts. I always struggle with that.

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