Lit Chat #1

The bookworms amongst you may remember that earlier in the month I blogged about these fab Lit Chat* cards. They’re a great way to start discussions at book clubs, in class or online.

Lit Chat review

The questions tackle your reading habits, who you are as a reader, book-related memories and how you’d handle hypothetical situations – in a literary fashion, of course.

lit chat

I mentioned in the review post that I’ll be using the cards to start some discussions on the blog and I’d love to hear from anyone who’d like to join in. Just leave your answers in the comments below – or link up your own blog post.

lit chat

Ooh, starting with a toughie! When it comes to a broken heart would you rather read something to help you wallow or something uplifting to help you move on? Either way, I think PS I Love You is a good ‘un – and the first book to ever make me cry.

For someone falling in love, I guess they’re looking for something fun and optimistic. I’d be tempted to recommend Where Rainbows End (adapted into the film Love, Rosie).

lit chat

My bookshelves used to be organised in height order but grouped according to genre and then author, in order of publication. Since we moved a year ago, they’ve barely been in any semblance of order and it really bothers me sometimes. I really need to spend an evening sorting through and reorganising.

Never too many books – you just need a bigger bookcase/home!

lit chat

I’ve always loved the idea of having the kind of library which the Beast gives to Belle. Rows upon rows with ladders and high ceilings. More than I could ever read in a lifetime but that room would smell incredible.

Jodi Picoult is my favourite writer and having read Little Fires Everywhere after she gave it a great review, I also trust her judgement. I reckon she’d have loads more awesome recommendations.

lit chat

I hated most of the books we were required to read in school/college. I think reading aloud and in a group really didn’t help and the worst one was probably The Scarlet Letter. My favourite, and one which completely took me by surprise, was Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. I still think about it sometimes and have been meaning to re-read it for a few years. I’m interested to read the follow-up/s too.

I was a good girl and always finished what I had to read for class. Same with films I wasn’t interested in for film class. They felt like a waste of my time but I always did what I was told.

I’ve got a dozen of these posts lined up so do leave a comment and pop back for more.

*I was sent a set of these cards for review purposes and all nerdy thoughts are my own

3 thoughts on “Lit Chat #1”

  1. Oh these cards sound great :-) I’m struggling to read books at the moment as I’m so nackered so I think I’m going to start some short stories. But in answer to your questions. 1. Uplifting books not wallowing in a broken heart – ps I love you is one of my favourite films so maybe I should try the book. 2. Ive got a tiny house so most of my books are reference books like cooking, walking, travel and gardening. But my novels are just my author in alphabetical order – in two bookcases in the spare room – no particular filing system on my kindle . 3. Just a big room with alot of books – and giles the librarian from buffy the vampire slayer 4. Books I hated at school – the woodlanders by Thomas Hardy – o level text. too much rural description but I’ve enjoyed reading tess and far from madding crowd in my 20s. Detested the clerks tale by chaucer for a level. All about patient Grizedala who has her children stolen by her husband. I love Shakespeare though and always read the plays fast to see what happened. I did 1984 when I retook my a levels (in 1986!) seems even more relevant now. Ho hum – Like you I always finished what I read. What I good idea this is I’ll try and join in next time love bec xx

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