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Jenson: 30 months old

How have we reached Jenson’s half birthday already? We don’t actually celebrate these but when I come to write these posts I can’t help but feel like we just had his birthday and six months have flown by again.

jenson 30 months old

I have been so freaking proud of Jenson this month. Our nursery uses an app to send us regular updates and he’s really progressed over the last few weeks. He’s joining in with singing and dancing, tolerating other children playing next to him, eating some snacks and not even crying at drop-off! After those initial weeks I genuinely thought we’d struggle to have him settled by Christmas but he’s starting to adjust really well.

He surprised us with a couple of naps recently, which I imagine is because he’s learning and processing so much. He can count to twelve and knows his basic colours, which I can’t help but assume is surprising/impessive for a kid who isn’t even communicating in short sentences yet?

jenson 30 months old

I’m sure Jenson would say his highlight of the last month is his new bed! He has his older cousin’s old car bed and freaking loves it. In fact, he loves it so much he’d hang out in his room all day if he could. We just need to find some time over Christmas/New Year to spruce up the rest of the room a bit.

Swimming lessons are going well too, even though I’ve not been in the pool much. His confidence has really grown with swimming with my mum and he wants to be on the move in the water the whole time.

jenson 30 months old

Cute pics again, huh? Bit biased but still… I took Jenson to the park the other day, knowing it would be quiet because it was wet the day before. Fortunately it was completely empty so Jenson could play quite happily. We’re still having problems with him yelling at any kids who come near him. Although we’ve noticed that he doesn’t yell at smaller kids, so Luke has a theory that he’s jealous/possessive of us. He’s behaving a lot better with other children at nursery so I’m sure he’ll settle in time.

Now that my birthday has come and gone (how old?!), we can really crack on with the Christmas festivities. I think a trip to the Eden Project is a bit optimistic but I’m hoping we can do a few fun activities.

What Christmas activities are compatible with a two-year-old’s attention span?

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