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Turning 30, a bit of nostalgia and Hunt for the Wilderpeople #LittleLoves

Turning 30, coupled with re-watching a TV show you grew up with and realising it launched nearly 20 years old, makes for a rather nostalgic week. Here’s a look at the last seven days at Casa de Cornish Geek.

Read: I’ve been on annual leave this week so no time for books or magazines. Instead I’ve been reading some bleddy lovely birthday cards.

30th birthday cards

30th birthday cards

I’ve got plenty of reading material lined up though. Luke bought me Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Volume 1 and Ready Player One for my birthday, I was sent a review copy of Rebel Girls Volume 2 and the latest issue of Blogosphere arrived yesterday, so I’m all set for my return to work.

Watched: I’ve actually seen a fair bit over the last week. Not travelling for work (and not getting up at 6.30am!) has meant I’ve been less tired and more able to watch a bit of TV when Jenson has gone to bed.

The other day I discovered that All 4 has every episode of Dawson’s Creek! When it was released on DVD I was disappointed that not all of the original music made it across, especially Joey and Audrey’s musical numbers, so I’m keen to watch it again. But then should I be ‘wasting’ valuable TV time on something I’ve already seen?

When I upgraded my phone contract I made the move to Vodafone and my contract came with a Now TV pass. A quick browse led me to Grey’s Anatomy, a show I’ve never seen but have been intrigued by. I hate watching a show part-way through and have been waiting for the chance to watch it from the beginning – all 300 episodes.

After debating which show to dedicate my time to, I decided to watching Dawson’s Creek as Jenson falls asleep and Grey’s when I’m done blogging for the evening but still fancy a little summin-summin. I’m a few episodes into both at the moment.

I’ve seen a couple of films too. On my birthday night I fancied a quirky comedy and a scroll through Netflix revealed Hunt for the Wilderpeople. We went with it simply because it was directed by Taika Waititi and we were not disappointed. He directed a few episodes of Flight of the Conchords, Eagle vs Shark, What We Do in the Shadows and Thor: Ragnarok, so you can imagine the kind of humour; it’s freaking brilliant and I highly recommend it. I love going into a film without knowing much about it and being blown away. If you want a taster, check out the trailer.

We also saw Justice League last night – our first night out together since early in the summer and a double date with my bestie. It wasn’t my favourite DC film to date but I enjoyed it. I also loved seeing my revamped cinema. The cinema I grew up in is now super fancy, with ridiculously comfy reclining seats. I want to move in.

Oh, sidebar: wasn’t there meant to have been a new episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix last weekend?

Heard: I’ve not been very musical this week but I’ll tell you what was music to my ears (sorry, not sorry). Hearing that I’m finally having surgery! I won’t go into the gross and boring details but I’ve had an ongoing medical problem for a while now which has seriously effected my quality of life. I had an ‘urgent’ (read: nine-week wait) surgical referral earlier this week and they’ll be operating in the new year. I’m just waiting on a date now. There will be a few weeks for recovery (only day-case surgery though) and the possibility of a second procedure but things are looking good.

Made: I’ve got nothing for this one I’m afraid. I did get this awesome unicorn biscuit kit for my birthday though so I might make them with Jenson this weekend.

unicorn biscuit kit

Wore: I wore this badge all day on my birthday. Not that many saw it though as we had a nice quiet day at home. We were meant to go to Mermaid Alley for a unicorn freakshake but I didn’t realise they’re closed on Mondays, so I’ll try again over the weekend.

30th birthday badge

And lastly: I’m off to Etsy Made Local this weekend to support some fab creatives. I’ll be sharing my faves on the blog and social media so keep an eye out – and head to St Ives yourself if you’re local. You won’t be disappointed.

etsy made local st ives 2017

Have a lovely weekend!

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11 thoughts on “Turning 30, a bit of nostalgia and Hunt for the Wilderpeople #LittleLoves”

  1. Only 30? Wow that sounds so young to a 46 year old lol! Hope you had a lovely birthday, it sounds like you did. I used to love Dawson’s Creek although I was probably a bit old for it then too ;)

  2. Happy Belated birthday! I loved Dawson’s Creek. I’ll definitely have to watch that. I’ve never watched Greys, one of the many shows everyone loves and I never got around to watching. Loving those unicorn biscuits. Have a great week.

  3. Happy belated birthday. Personally I don’t think you can ever have enough Dawson’s Creek I love rewatching them. Nice choices of birthday books too, we’ve read the original rebel girls and loved it. Enjoy the Etsy fair.

  4. Happy belated birthday! I love Greys and thanks for mentioning about Dawsons Creek! I loved it when it was on TV! Going to have to have a re-run! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Popping over from #littleloves xx

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