Saturday Share #124

Tis the season to be jolly, so let’s enjoy the snow, have a crack at some Christmas DIYs and set some goals for the new year. Here’s a rundown of the blog posts I’ve loved this week.

saturday share

I’m so jealous of everyone who had proper snow this week but have loved looking at your photo diaries. My favourite is Rosie’s first snow day.

A lot of people seem to be heading to Edinburgh to enjoy the festivities and it’s not hard to see why. I love A Lady in London‘s alternative take on the city. Now I really wanna go!

If you’re looking for something to help keep you occupied as you count down the sleeps til Christmas, you can’t go wrong with these fab DIYs:
Fillable baubles – Twenty Something Meltdown
Butterbeer mug cake – Hello Giggles
Christmas wreath – The Life Edit
Gingerbread bath bombs – Hello Giggles
Cranberry, oat and white chocolate biscuits – Top With Cinnamon
Salted caramel mince pies – A Mummy Too

Hello Giggles has posted some fab feminist gift guides, including one for mums and one for younger girls. I want it all!

Looking to grow your blog in the new year? Cat has some great tips on starting a business and Kirsty has written the mother of all blog posts on using LinkedIn for blogger collabs.

I’ve really fallen for two blogs this year – Colours and Carousels and Lauren Evie. These gals are killing it with their lifestyle content at the moment. Check out these recent posts: defining success as a blogger and the difference a year makes.

One of the most relatable posts I’ve read this week was Lyndsey’s post called ‘I don’t want another baby but…’. I wonder if I wouldn’t feel so strongly about having another if I didn’t have a difficult pregnancy and birth.

What blogs have you been inspired by this week?

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