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Self-Care Sunday #37

Self-care can be hard during the festive period. You’re so bogged down with trying to finish work before the office closes for the holidays and ensuring that everyone else has a good time that it can be easy to forget to look after yourself. Plus, with the added pressure of gift giving and feeling the pinch with various social engagements, it doesn’t take much to start the new year tired, stressed out and in debt.

birthday meal at Blacks

But it doesn’t need to be this way. I’ve got a few alternatives to the typical anxiety-inducing traditions:

1. Budget/DIY gifts

You don’t need to splash the cash on gifts. If you feel the need to gift to someone but are worried about the ol’ bank balance, why not go homemade? Bake a batch of Chistmas cookies or rope the kids in to make a photo collage. If you want to shop on the high street, you can actually get a lot for your money in Poundland. NGL, my entire £5 Secret Santa gift came from Poundland this year and includes a stocking, selection box, book, bluray and festive mug. Bleddy bargain.

christmas biscuit

2. Stay in

Between work dos, catching up with friends and the usual family obligations, it can be hard to find the time (and the money) to fit everything in. Remember, it’s ok to say no. Can’t afford half a dozen Christmas meals? You’re not the only one. Why not invite a few friends over to binge Netflix Christmas flicks over a few mince pies? BYOB, of course!

etsy made local st ives christmas market

3. Fake it

You don’t need to buy a new real tree every year. I was worried that our old fake tree looked a bit naff but you wouldn’t believe how excited a toddler can get over a few baubles and twinkly lights.

Jenson Christmas 2016

4. E-cards

Sending out the obligatory Christmas cards can cost a small fortune in stationery and postage. Go green (and save the pennies) by sending an e-card. Or take the time to send more personal emails with a few festive family snaps attached.

Trevena Cross festivities

However you’re spending the holidays, I hope you have a wonderful, stress-free time.

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