Rebel Girls, holidays are coming and winter woolies #LittleLoves

It’s been a super-festive week, with biscuit decorating, visiting Santa, two Christmas dinners (with two more to go) and finally putting the tree up. I’m definitely feeling more excited than I have done the last couple of years. Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to over the last week.

Trevena Cross festivities

Read: This week I’ve been reading the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls books and an ARC of A Taxonomy of Love. You can check out my Rebel Girls review here (highly recommended for girls of all ages) and I’ll be posting a full review of The Taxonomy of Love just ahead of its official release early in the new year.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Volumes 1 and 2

A Taxonomy of Love

Watched: I don’t watch a lot of TV and got super-excited when the ‘holidays are coming’ ad came on the other day. It was the first time I’d seen it this year. Luke and Jenson didn’t share my excitement.

I also watched the first hour of Love Actually while I was decorating the tree – it’s like Netflix knew it was time.

Heard: Christmas music! We had a little staff party the other day. The main one isn’t until next week but this one allowed all of the departments to get together over mulled cider and mince pies and share the successes of the year. The speeches always make me proud of what I do so I felt a bit warm and fuzzy.

Wore: Earmuffs and mittens. Winter is well and truly here. I feel like anyone not living in the far West of Cornwall has had snow but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been fecking freezing.

winter woolies

Made: I bought some gingerbread Christmas trees to decorate with Jenson but the icing was still a bit difficult for him. He loved putting on the little baubles before he devoured the lot.

christmas biscuit

And lastly: Is anyone else totally not ready for Christmas yet? It’s just over a week away and I’ve still not wrapped a single present. Guess what I’ll be doing tonight! I need to get the stuff I already have wrapped to remind myself what I need to get in my last shop tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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2 thoughts on “Rebel Girls, holidays are coming and winter woolies #LittleLoves”

  1. I keep having moments where I feel organised and then that will switch to dread when I realise that I’ve forgotten something!
    Snow in Cornwall is pretty rare isn’t it? I can count on one hand the number of times we had it growing up. I do remember one occasion in Primary school when the whole school including the teachers had a huge snow ball fight, so much fun.

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