Christmas, Self-Care and Trolls #LittleLoves

It wouldn’t be the first post-Christmas Little Loves without a little Christmas round-up now, would it? Check out my Christmas in photos post from earlier in the week if you’re a sucker for photos of cute kids and ‘what I got for Christmas’ posts. Of course, the week hasn’t been all about Christmas. Here’s a look at what I’ve been loving.

Read: Ready Player One and The Self-Care Project. Yep, I actually made some time to finish Ready Player One. It took a few nights as I really can’t read in bed but man was it worth it. Such a cracker of a book, especially if you love computer games and/or 80s pop culture. I’m looking forward to the Spielberg adaptation.

I also received a copy of Jayne Hardy’s The Self-Care Project and reviewed it here. It’ll be popping up in a few upcoming Self-Care Sunday posts and I’m looking forward to seeing how it can help me take better care of myself in the new year.

The Self-Care Project by Jayne Hardy - book review

Watched: Trolls Holiday and Grey’s Anatomy. We’ve seen Trolls Holiday at least a dozen times over the last week. To be honest, it makes a nice change from the Peppa Pig and In the Night Garden repeats but I spend most nights with Love Train stuck in my head. Jenson seems to love anything colourful and musical and the shorter running time holds his attention completely.

I’ve also totally abandoned Dawson’s Creek on All 4 and am 100% committed to catching up on Grey’s Anatomy by the end of 2018. I’m near the end of season two and have lost count of how many tears I’ve shed over the show already. It’s so freaking good!

Oh, I almost forgot. I had a couple of nights away from the blog over Christmas and we watched two whole films for grown-ups: The Night Before and The Foreigner. The first was a fun comedy starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (reason enough to watch it) and the latter is highly recommended. You wouldn’t think a British political thriller starring Jackie Chan would work but it totally does. If you like big names in atypical roles, check out Maggie, a hard-hitting zombie drama starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes, really.

Heard: My brother’s mini Christmas Day speech. The bleddy cutie raised his glass at the dinner table and said how much it meant it to him to have everyone together for Christmas after a rough year. I totally didn’t well up. Well, maybe a little bit.

Wore: Good Enough t-shirt. I’ve been mapping out my 2018 goals and learning to feel good enough with The School of Life. They’ve got some great products and I’ve reviewed a couple here, including this statement tee.

Good Enough t-shirt from The School of Life

Made: A 2018 toolkit. I’ve got a post going live on Sunday which features everything you need to kick ass in 2018, including these little beauties. I’m all about being productive when it comes to goal-setting. It’s one thing to list the things you want to achieve but have you actually thought about how you’ll make it happen?

2018 toolkit

And lastly: Speaking of make it happen, I have a productivity workbook and toolkit to give away! Got 2 Jot sent me a copy of Make It Happen to review (check out the post and enter here) and I’ve already started using it to make my workload more manageable in the new year.

Make It Happen productivity tracker review

And that’s my last Little Loves of 2017! I hope you all have a fab long weekend and a happy new year :)

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

3 thoughts on “Christmas, Self-Care and Trolls #LittleLoves”

  1. Lovely round up this week. Greys only gets worse when it comes to tears!! I cry at every single episode! Hope you have a wonderful new year xx

  2. It looks like you’ve packed a lot into the break, I am completely loving the t-shirt. I hope 2018 sees you kick ass! I’ll have to check out the post as I’m sure I’m going to need it.

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