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My first week using The Self-Care Project (Self-Care Sunday #39)

A couple of weeks ago I posted a review of Jayne Hardy’s The Self-Care Project and said that I’d provide an update as I work my way through the activities. Here’s a look at my first few sessions.

The Self-Care Project by Jayne Hardy - book review

“Self-care is accessible and applicable to everyone, but it’s one thing knowing the benefits and quite another to prioritise it.” – Jayne Hardy

Over the last year I realised how important self-care is to me. I started my weekly series as a way to make sure I do something for myself at least once a week. The sad thing is, it was setting myself this regular deadline for the blog that made it happen most of the time rather than as a genuine act of self-care.

As the year progressed I picked up more brand collaborations and started blogging daily in order to fit in everything that I wanted to talk about. When I became overwhelmed with my self-enforced workload, it was the self-care posts that took a backseat. I wasn’t doing anything for me/to take time out anymore.

The only time I get to do what I want to do, just for me, is when Jenson is asleep. And on the nights where he’d struggle to settle and I had to lie next to him, exhausted, inevitably falling asleep myself, I’d feel resentful and frustrated because I hadn’t had that time to myself. Yes, I’d fallen asleep because I needed to, and rest is an important part of self-care, but I hadn’t been able to write, watch an episode of my new favourite show, read or indulge in a long bath.

This year I’ve decided to make self-care a priority rather than just something to try and fit in as and when I can. I’m not going to take on more than I can handle, I’m not going to beat myself up over not being able to blog every day, I’m going to take some time to enjoy peace and quiet and I’m going to use up all of the lovely bath products I was gifted for my birthday and Christmas.

Christmas smellies

The Self-Care Project is a big part of my goal as reading through Jayne’s experience of depression and self-care definitely helps give me a realistic idea of self-care. The activities in the book are really helping me to figure out what I want and what works for me; it’s all very much a learning process. Reading about the times when she sucked at self-care is hilarious and so reassuring.

Jayne encourages you to see yourself as interesting and of value and tells you to write down ten interesting facts about yourself. Ten! It took me ages. I’ll leave it to you to decide if these are actually interesting…

The Self-Care Project activities

1. I have a split uvula. Or maybe I have two, as both halves are quite large. I’ll try and get a picture. Every time I see a new doctor or dentist they’re a bit fascinated by it. I found out during GCSE Science that it’s a mutation, which I kinda like. It makes me feel like one of the X-Men.

2. I spent five years in Higher Education.

3. I spent a summer working as a security guard at Wimbledon, the o2 and the Scottish Open.

4. I can say the alphabet backwards at super-speed.

5. I can write shorthand at 100 words per minute.

6. I hate it when people use incorrect grammar.

7. I rock N-Dubz’s Dance On in the car. My coolness knows no limits.

8. I know the script for 10 Things I Hate About You word for word.

9. I get ridiculously emotionally invested in TV shows and have to see them through til the end.

10. I am fiercely loyal.

She also prompts you to think about what balls you are juggling. I thought I only had two balls (!) but it turns out I actually have at least four.

The Self-Care Project activities

When we’re all trying to juggle so much, it’s no wonder that looking after ourselves starts to fall way down the list of priorities.

That’s how enlightened (sorry for the douchey terminology) I feel after just the first 20 pages of an almost 200-page book. I’ll be back with another update in a couple of weeks and I can’t encourage you strongly enough to buy a copy.

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