Getting my shit together

If you’re a regular reader, you might recall me posting about my fuck budget last year and my massive girl crush on Sarah Knight, having read The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck and You Do You. I recently read her second book, Get Your Shit Together, and I highly recommend it, especially if you’re looking for tools to help you achieve your 2018 goals.

I picked it up because I wanted some help with working on this here side hustle but it gave me so much more than that. It’s clear from the get go, as she says in the intro: “We’re going to tidy up your mental clutter and your metaphorical shit – such as your career, finances, creative pursuits, relationships, and health”.

Her books are so damn relatable and she really understands her audience. It’s like a friend giving you a talk in the bathroom of a club and saying that he’s just not that into you. “Just because you are doing a ton of shit all day, every day, does NOT mean you have your shit together.”

One of my favourite elements of the book is the ongoing Chipmunks reference. I’m a Simon by the way – I’m a perfectionist who takes on too much. And there are loads of other fun parts too, with activities including adult colouring.

The key theme amongst Sarah’s books is to focus on yourself without being a dick about it: “Winning happens when you translate dreams into action and your actions change your reality. It’s living YOUR best life, not denying anyone else theirs, and/or being an insufferable prick…”

But what does your best life look like? And how do you achieve it? It turns out there are three simple steps: strategize, focus, commit. And I’m applying this idea to all of my 2018 goals.

It’s easy to say it’s all too much and you don’t know where to begin but really it’s just about small, manageable chunks, one step at a time. Set your goal, break it down and commit to those smaller steps that help you to reach your end goal. “Time, like irritable bowel syndrome, can be managed.” Best quote from a book ever, right?

My main problem is that I have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in. I’m the queen of to do lists but so many items get carried over to the next day/week/month. I’ve actually had a job at work that I’ve been working on for the best part of a year but it keeps getting bumped down the list. And Sarah’s got a strategy to help with that: the to do/must do list. It’s all about prioritisation. So I write my to do list, asterisk the jobs that need to be done that day and anything else can wait.

And that’s not all. Sarah’s got tips to help you with practically every problem, from tackling your ever-growing feed of emails, to saving for retirement. There’s advice on adulting and relationships (turns out doing nice things for each other goes a long way), learning to delegate and switch off when necessary – even exercise. I shit you not, I felt motivated to go out and buy an exercise bike and feel the burn while catching up on podcasts. Not that I’ve got the money for an exercise bike at the moment. But Sarah explains how to squirrel away little bits of money too. Hate housework? There’s a trick for that too. And it’s all about freeing time up for you to do you. “‘Me time’ is a right, not a privilege”.

So whether you’re looking to lose weight, save money, change career or learn to make better use of your time, this book could genuinely change your life.

Buy it here.

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6 thoughts on “Getting my shit together”

      1. Yeah I meant hardback lol. I was just walking into the hospital or my daughters appointment and was rushing my comment x

      2. No probs. If you click the link in the post it’ll take you to Amazon. In the format drop down click on hardback if the default is Kindle 👍

  1. I keep seeing this book and wondering whether I should add it to my pile of motivational books that I never use haha – but I know I need to work on breaking down my goals into manageable chunks, so sounds like it would be super useful for that!

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