The Displaced, 80s film soundtracks and Rice Krispie cakes #LittleLoves

Although I’m way behind with my film watching so far this year (just one!), I’ve managed to kick off my new year goals with a total of six books in just the first month. Here’s a look at what I’ve been loving this week.

Read: I’ve read three books this week. To be fair, one was a sample of an upcoming book of essays and the other two were children’s books (not picture books!), but they totally count.

The first was Peter Pan – my first time reading it. I came so close to balling my eyes out reading the last few pages. Stupid book.

The second was an incredible sample of an upcoming book of essays published by the ever-wonderful Abrams + Chronicle. Their titles never fail to move and inspire me and I can’t wait to review the final copy of the book. The Displaced is a collection of essays by refugee writers and I already can’t recommend it enough. It’s released in April.

The Displaced

Finally, The BFG. When I get to the last day of my commuting week and need something to tide me over, I go for a children’s book/short stories. It’s been years since I’d read The BFG and it still felt every bit as magical as the first time. A definite favourite.


Watched: It’s been more of the usual Neighbours and Grey’s Anatomy again this week but with a bit of The Goldbergs thrown in. I’m playing catch up on All 4. Oh, and Will & Grace. How amazing was last week’s episode? I nearly cried. Must be getting soft in my old age.

Heard: We had an 80s film soundtrack playlist on in the office the other day. There’s something about film soundtracks that is just so damn emotive.

Made: Rice Krispie cakes! I ‘baked’ with Jenson for the first time and it went really well – minimal mess, lots of fun and tasty treats. We’ll definitely do this again.

Baking with Jenson - Rice Krispie cakes

Wore: My unicorn PJs never fail to make me smile and I’m glad the glitter isn’t fading in the wash.

unicorn PJs

And lastly: I mentioned in my January overview post earlier this week that I’m proud of how much my blog has grown just over the last month. Since that post I’ve managed to secure a third sponsorship for National Stationery Week, as well as some really fun collaborations for World Book Day and International Women’s Day. Stay tuned!

Have a lovely weekend :)

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5 thoughts on “The Displaced, 80s film soundtracks and Rice Krispie cakes #LittleLoves”

  1. I have never watched Grey’s Anatomy but I’m right there with you on Neighbours – I have Neighbours and Home & Away permanently on my planner. I do love to see a bit of Aussie sunshine to brighten my day (and the fit men are an added bonus!)

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