Saturday Share #132

Looking for book recommendations and relatable parenting posts? I’ve got you covered. Here’s a look at my favourite posts from the blogosphere this week.

saturday share

I swear my Amazon wish list grows by the day but Bad Feminist just got bumped further up the list after reading this review.

I freaking love relatable parenting posts, particularly Molly’s recent post on playdates and Hannah’s update on the first chapter of motherhood.

Speaking of relatable, I loved Imogen’s post on me time. In fact, I’ve got something similar scheduled for tomorrow.

If you’re anything like me and spend hours on end sat at a desk, with shit posture, you need to check out Elizabeth’s post. I’m seriously thinking about investing in one of these bad boys.

And the award for nerdiest post of the week goes to Self-Guided London Literary Walk and Map. If I had a few hours to spare in London I’d totally be doing this.

What blogs have inspired you this week?

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