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Rediscovering the joy of baths [Self-Care Sunday #45]

When people talk about acts of self-care, long, luxurious baths come up quite often. I’ve never really been a fan as I quite often find it to be a waste of time, particularly now that I’m a parent and time to myself doesn’t come around that often. Now I’m a total convert. Taking half an hour to lie in a warm bath, in a room to myself, catching up on podcasts, is actually a pretty awesome way to spend my time.

Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs

Luke’s parents got me a Bomb Cosmetics set for my birthday (‘scuse the cropped pics – Jenson tore into it before I did!) and they’re a great addition to an evening of peace and quiet.

Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs

Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs

Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs

Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs

When we were at Land’s End last week, there was a stunning display of Bomb Cosmetics products (you might have spotted them on my Stories) and my brother was kind enough to treat me to a unicorn bath bomb.

Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs

I wish I could send the smell through this blog post to you because it’s the nicest smelling bath bomb I’ve ever used. Some can be a bit too perfumey and overpowering but this one is lovely. And the scent lingered in my bathroom for a good couple of days after.

Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs

My surgeon told me to have lots of long soaks in the bath to help with my recovery, so I can’t think of a better excuse to use all of these lovely products and catch up on Hashtag Authentic.

If you’ve got more podcast recommendations, send them my way.

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