Stationery Matters, Ready Player One and lots of painting #LittleLoves

Well this week has certainly been better than the last week or two. I’m a lot more mobile and sometimes I even forget to take painkillers – go me! I’ve got a follow-up with the surgeon on Tuesday and hopefully he’ll be pleased. It’s meant I’ve been stuck at home a bit less and have been able to take Jenson to the park when we’ve had the odd burst of sunshine. Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to this week.

Read: My Stationery Matters magazine arrived a few weeks ahead of the upcoming Stationery Show. I’m going for the first time this year and I can’t bleddy wait. My National Stationery Week blog plans are about 90% finalised too and I can’t wait to share another fantastic week of reviews and giveaways with you. It’s week commencing 23 April, in case you didn’t know.

Stationery Matters magazine

Watched: Time for my weekly Grey’s Anatomy update – I’m a few episodes into season eight and oh my gosh, my opinions of characters are changing all the time. Towards the end of season seven Callie became one of my faves (Bailey is still top) and Owen is such a marmite character. Spoilers ahead, if you’re newer than me to the show (anyone?!), so skip the next paragraph if you’re a newbie…

I really hated Owen in season six when he couldn’t choose between Cristina and Teddy. Then he chose Cristina and I was all “woo” and then he tried to force her to have a baby and kicked her out for wanting an abortion – the fuck?! He’s almost in my good graces again now that he supported her through it but ugh!

Yesterday we went super crazy and headed out to the cinema! I was just about able to get comfortable post-surgery and we saw Ready Player One. Here’s a little heads up in case you read and loved the book: treat it as a completely, stand-alone film. The basic gist is still there but there are sooo many changes (if you loved the 1980s pop culture references you might be a tad disappointed) and it was made a bit more ‘family friendly’. But, y’know, still a fun couple of hours. And I’m super-excited for Infinity War. Just need to catch up on Thor and Spidey first.

Heard: Jenson has started singing along to more and more. The other day he sang the Iggle Piggle song while randomly playing with his toy and, I shit you not, I nearly started crying. The kid is so freaking cute.

Made: Jenson came home from nursery with a few creations the other day, including this Easter card. It’s a sheep, by the way. He’s also been painting loads at home as my mum got him some awesome new paints. I’ll include a couple in his 34 months update next week (how is he three in two months?!).

Jenson's artwork

Jenson's artwork

Jenson's artwork

Wore: Sunglasses! I bought these beauts a few months ago when I had my eye test (gotta love 2 for 1) and I can finally wear them! I was feeling too haggered to be pictured wearing them, so here’s a pic of them at the park.

Cath Kidston sunglasses

And lastly: I wrote a lil summin-summin earlier this week about how I’ve fallen in love with Instagram all over again. If you’re feeling disheartened with the platform lately, take a look and you might feel a bit more inspired. Let me know what you think.

Have a lovely weekend! I’ll finally be having my Mothers Day Chinese buffet lunch – can’t wait!

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

6 thoughts on “Stationery Matters, Ready Player One and lots of painting #LittleLoves”

  1. Wait! There’s a magazine and a whole week dedicated to stationery – how did I not know this? I’m stationery obsessed.
    Love Jenson’s creations. #littleloves

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