Mental Health

Tackling stress for Mental Health Awareness Week [the results]

This time last week I set myself a few goals in aid of Mental Health Awareness Week. I’m very much of the mind that this is something we need to be conscious of every week but it was a good starting point when it comes to addressing my stress levels.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

Goal #1: Not blog every day. I only have one deadline a week at the moment and there’s no reason to force myself to blog daily. I promise to have at least two nights off.

The results: I ended up having Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night off blogging – only the first two nights were planned. I caught up on Neighbours and The Good Wife, then got back into Grey’s. The second two nights were a complete write-off. It takes me about an hour to settle Jenson for bed and I keep falling asleep with him. Even if Luke comes in when I’ve only been asleep ten minutes I’m still useless from then on and can’t be productive, so I just give up, go to sleep and assume the extra hours will mean I’ll be more productive the next day, only to keep repeating the cycle. It’s getting a bit infuriating. Although not blogging daily hasn’t affected my stats too much, so there’s that.

Goal #2: Ask for help/delegate. I will not take on more than I can handle and keep growing my to-do list.

The results: I made the mistake of checking my work email on the way in on Monday and arrived at the office even more stressed out than usual. I moved my catch-up with my Line Manager from the end of the day to the start of the day, explained that I wasn’t just busy but had too much to manage, and we looked at what could be delegated, what was a priority and what could wait. Yay me for speaking up!

Goal #3: I will not take my work with home with me and I will not stay late more than once that week.

I stayed late once for a pre-planned meeting and took one piece of work home with me to help prep for an important meeting on Monday. I’m still having daily doctors appointments which has a big impact on my office hours, so sometimes needs must.

Goal #4: I will have a film night with Luke.

The results: Um… maybe next week?

Goal #5: I will have a lie-in/slow morning.

The results: I ended up doing this last Sunday rather than during the week because I used Jenson’s nursery time to clear out old books and toys ready for his birthday. We’re still at that point where, if Jenson and I are both home, I’m either with him or getting housework done if Luke is home too. ‘My’ time is saved for when he’s in bed and I’ve managed not to fall asleep too. I really need to work on this. I have three unread magazines/newspapers and I really miss the days of just doing things in my own time and doing what I want.

Self-Care Sunday

I’ve got a short week at work next week because I have to go in even later than usual because of my doctors appointments and I’m out of the office one day for a funeral, then I’m on a week’s annual leave for the kiddo’s third birthday. Within that time I’m really going to work on my work-life balance, being more assertive and making more time for myself. Wish me luck.

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