Friday Favourites #43

Another week over and I’m on the cusp of not only a week of annual leave, which just so happens to coincide with a bank holiday weekend and half term (Cornwall is about to get busy!), but the kiddo’s third birthday too. I’ve got to admit, I’m super excited for him. He’s going to love his party (soft play and bouncy castle, complete with Bing decorations and all his favourite foods) and I’m hoping the weather holds out for loads of fun stuff next week. He loves being outdoors so we’re going to try and hit up a few farms, parks and beaches. But enough about next week, what about this week?

It was a good post week. I received products for reviews/giveaways (more on that later), Jenson’s birthday presents started arriving and I received some National Stationery Week prizes.

Harfields Design do a great range of gifts and accessories and I won a beautiful positive gift pack. I love everything that came in the set and it’s such a great gift idea.

Hartfields Design stationery

Hartfields Design stationery

Hartfields Design stationery

I also won one of Comisario‘s giveaways. My bundle came with a pouch, notebook cover, greetings card and one of the coolest notebooks I’ve ever seen. Take a look at their website and I’m sure you’ll soon start adding products to your basket. You can have 20% off with the code “FRIENDS022”.

Comisario stationery

This week I had my first McDonalds strawberry lemonade and I swear it’s all I’ll be drinking for the rest of the summer.

McDonalds strawberry lemonade

I also had a Jelberts ice cream, despite it not really being ice cream weather. But when in Rome and all that.

Jelberts ice cream

I’ve had a couple of semi-early nights lately and wanted to watch something a bit different so I saw Ali Wong’s second Netflix special. I saw her first one just after I had Jenson and it was so relatable – as is her follow-up.

Yesterday I launched a new stationery giveaway, thanks to Mustard. Fancy winning a bundle of rawr-some (that pun getting old yet?) stationery? Just check out the post for more details. I’ve got a giveaway a week coming for the next few weeks so don’t be a stranger.

T-Rex stationery from Mustard

Have a lovely weekend!

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