Saturday Share #144

This week I’ve loved four very different kinds of blog posts: a recipe, a bujo post, one on blogging and a more thoughtful post.

saturday share

First off, how awesome does a Grilled Sausage & Apple Pizza with Goat Cheese sound? I’m pinning this one for later.

Sometimes I wish I was more creative/artistic. I love the way Sophie tracks her reading in her bujo.

If there’s one thing GDPR has taught us is that we should value our privacy more. As a blogger, I’m constantly debating how much is too much when it comes to sharing aspects of Jenson’s life and I found Laura’s post really interesting.

And lastly, I found Abi’s post on spontaneity so interesting. I’m not remotely spontaneous. Luke jokes that I can’t get by without having every second of my day planned. Yet, when I was pregnant (blame my lapse in planning on hormones or something), we had a spontaneous day in St Ives and a spontaneous evening out, and they are two of my most favourite memories ever. So maybe there’s something in it after all?

What blogs have you loved this week?

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