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My 2018 summer bucket list

I feel a bit iffy about writing these posts as it can feel like I’m setting myself up for failure. I only ticked off three of last year’s items, so a fair few have been carried over to this year.

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If you read my latest bullet journal post, you will already have a sneak peek at what I’d like to do this summer but here’s a more comprehensive list.

1. Eat all of the Jelberts ice cream.

I’ve already had two so far but there’s plenty of time for loads more. If you find yourself in Newlyn this summer, you’ve got to try it.

Jelberts ice cream

2. Take Jenson to the beach.

Again, we’ve already managed this twice already and I’m excited to visit loads more over the summer. I was worried that having swimming lessons in a heated pool would mean he hates the sea but the kid just loves being in water.

Portminster Beach, St Ives

3. Have a drink in a beer garden.

I’m heading out for a couple of much-needed cocktails with two of my favourite girls on Friday and if the weather’s nice we may well sit outside. Fingers crossed.

4. Outdoor cinema.

There are some great events programmes in Cornwall over the summer and some venues put on event cinema, e.g. The Poseidon Adventure on a boat. I’d love to see something outdoors this summer.

5. Paradise Park.

I love taking Jenson here and return tickets are a bargain. We never got round to using ours last summer and hopefully we can fit in a few visits this year.

paradise park

6. Picnic in the park.

The kid is so easy to please, he’ll happily eat a sandwich on the living room floor and call it a picnic. We live near so many beautiful parks and gardens that this one should be easy to tick off.

7. Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens.

This one has been on my list for years and hopefully we can tick it off soon. I want to visit the gardens and the restaurant with Luke and Jenson. Wish me luck.

8. Porthleven.

I go through Porthleven on the bus every day for work but have never stopped for a walk around. Amelie’s looks like a gorgeous restaurant too so I really want to make a day of it.

9. Go back to the Rock Pool Cafe.

It’s one of my favourite places and I really want to take Jenson – then to the harbour for a paddle after something to eat.

the rock pool cafe, mousehole

10. Take Jenson on an open top bus.

We could easily manage this just with a short trip to Marazion or we could go further afield to Sennen. He loves buses and I think it would blow his mind if he sat on the top of an open top one.

11. Lappa Valley.

He also loves trains and I’d love to take him here.

12. Trevaskis Farm.

Oh, and he also loves strawberries, so I’d also like to take him strawberry picking at Trevaskis Farm. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they do amazing cake!

Jenson Trevaskis Farm

What’s on your summer bucket list?

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4 thoughts on “My 2018 summer bucket list”

  1. I love the things on your list, simple pleasures! I’ve just written an anti bucket list – things I have no intention of ever doing, just a bit of fun!
    You are so lucky to live in Cornwall, I lived and worked there for a year, in Helston..

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