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Here’s to strong women.

I saw Star Wars Episode VIII in the cinema the other day and, in amongst trailers for Infinity War and Ready Player One, and ads for cars and mobile phones, I saw this: It made me think about the countless discussions I have with Luke about modern feminism. I totally support his arguments that there… Continue reading Here’s to strong women.

We Should All Be Feminists
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Last-minute gift ideas for the bad-ass women in your life

A lot of blogger gift guides have been tarred with the same brush but I can personally vouch for every single item on this list. Whether you're shopping for a mini-feminist or an older woman looking to reclaim her bad-assery, there's something here for everyone. For the hard-core lady types I really can't praise Lumberjanes:… Continue reading Last-minute gift ideas for the bad-ass women in your life

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Volumes 1 and 2
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Rebel girls

This year I have been inspired by so many rebel girls - writers, politicians, activists, actresses... There's a reason why 'feminism' is Merriam-Webster dictionary's word of the year and why a group of brave women have been named as Time's 'person' of the year. It really is the year of the women. Unfortunately, these stories… Continue reading Rebel girls

it only happens in the movies by holly bourne
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Stationery Matters, We Should All Be Feminists and mulled wine #LittleLoves

Welcome to another week of #LittleLoves, where I share what I've been loving over the past week. I've whizzed through the latest Holly Bourne, been moved by a TED Talk and listened to an old favourite. Check out the highlights. Read: It Only Happens in the Movies and Stationery Matters. I freaking love Holly Bourne… Continue reading Stationery Matters, We Should All Be Feminists and mulled wine #LittleLoves

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I Am Woman

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I went to a private view at The Summerhouse Gallery on Friday night. It was one of those situations where I found out about something awesome and local because of a sponsored Facebook post (those things really do work!) and I just had to… Continue reading I Am Woman

like a queen by constance hall book review
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Book review: Like a Queen by Constance Hall

I'm not normally one for reading non-fiction, preferring instead to lose myself in an imaginary world. But I'm such a huge fan Constance Hall and her hilariously relatable blog that I just had to read her book. My friend, Sophie, was quick to order Like a Queen as soon as it was released in Australia… Continue reading Book review: Like a Queen by Constance Hall

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Item of the day: Feminist t-shirt by Caitlin Moran

Did you know Caitlin Moran has a new book out? There's also some pretty cool merchandise available (and a tour). Be proud of your feminist ideals and wear this ass-kicking t-shirt. It's only £15.00. Bet it'll start a few interesting conversations!

whip it
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Film review: Whip It

If you’re looking for the ultimate girl power film, forget Spice World: The Movie, you need to see Whip It! Back in 2009, Drew Barrymore added directing to her already outstanding CV with Whip It (which she also co-starred in and produced!), a film about a high school girl who joins the world of roller… Continue reading Film review: Whip It

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Film review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

As a woman, there are few things more depressing and frustrating than going to the cinema to see the latest blockbusters and seeing no strong female characters. Oftentimes, any potential ‘heroine’ is a damsel in distress or love interest. But not in Captain America: The Winter Soldier! Here, we have, not just one, but four… Continue reading Film review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Malala Yousafzai
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International Women’s Day: Female role models

Today is International Women's Day and I've been thinking a lot this week about female role models. I shared some of my favourite women in literature the other day and it made me realise how few 'real' heroines there are. The theme for this year is 'inspiring change' and I thought I'd share some of… Continue reading International Women’s Day: Female role models