Friday Favourites #47

Well this week has been the total opposite of last week. I’ve gone from a week of annual leave with a relaxed schedule, gorgeous weather and fun times with the kiddo to trying to fit everything into my waking hours and far fewer sunny days. And my week has featured a whole lot of books.

The Edge of the World Bookshop, Penzance

I was scrolling through Twitter last Saturday morning when I realised that it was the first day of Feminist Book Fortnight – what a great campaign! And one that I had to get involved with. I immediately rescheduled the next two weeks of blog posts (except for a couple which had external deadlines – check out my jewellery giveaway here) so that I could share as many books as possible. I started with a Saturday Share dedicated to my favourite book bloggers, before sharing a wish list and a whole load of recommendations. I also wrote about why The Displaced is the most important book of the year and my bookish posts have been really well received on Twitter by the publishers and editors.

We Should All Be Feminists

Yesterday I popped into the award-winning Edge of the World Bookshop to discuss feminism, Independent Bookshop Week and the Penzance Literary Festival with the store’s co-owner, Rachael. Talking about books and events with her made me really want to up the ante with the books section on this blog, so keep an eye out for future developments.

The Edge of the World Bookshop, Penzance

I’ve had a pretty busy week at work again and had to bail on Grey’s two nights in a row as I fell asleep with Jenson. He’s having some separation issues since I went back to work after my month off post-surgery so he’s not a fan of my lying in and having to get up with Luke when I’m not at work. This means, if I need extra sleep, I have to go to bed early rather than sleep in, which means losing out on my previous me time. Hopefully he’ll readjust soon – I need more Grey’s in my life! I’m halfway through season 11.

As for the weekend, the town is gearing up for Mazey Day and Quay Day. I’d quite like to show Jenson what the fuss is all about but he’s not great with loud noises, strangers or crowds, so I’ll try and ease him in gently and see what he makes of it.

Gollowan 2018

Have a lovely weekend :)

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