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Friday Favourites #50

Despite another busy week at work, a few early nights and the weather taking a bit of a turn, I’ve spent the last week so grateful to live and work in such a lovely part of the world. Take a look at some of my highlights from the last week.

Lunch in Porthleven

Last weekend I met two of my favourite ladies for lunch in Porthleven and managed to tick off something on my summer bucket list while I was at it. I go through Porthleven on the bus for work most days but can’t recall ever having visited the small town before. It looked so picturesque that I just had to seize the opportunity for a few pictures with Jenson.

Porthleven, Cornwall

We had lunch at the Sea Drift, which I highly recommend. We were there nearly two hours (a long time for a three year old!) and the staff were so lovely. I had a bacon, brie and sweet onion sandwich with sweet potato fries and a chocolate pudding with ice cream. Jenson had a kids’ fish and chips and ice cream and was a very happy bunny.

Sea Drift, Porthleven

Sea Drift, Porthleven

Sea Drift, Porthleven

Afternoon on the beach

There are loads of stunning beaches in Cornwall but, as we don’t drive, sometimes it’s best just to pop down the road to the one on our doorstep. Jenson loves being outdoors and/or in the water so he’s easy to please – even though I forgot his bucket and spade. He didn’t want to get out of the water and loved finding ‘treasure’ (stones). He also loved taking his grandad along – cute!

Beach day

Exceedingly good cakes

After struggling to find the full range in Penzance town centre, Dom headed a bit further afield and came back with all of the Roald Dahl Mr Kipling cakes. Such an angel. I’ll be ranking them as I eat them over on Instagram, so do stop by.

Mr Kipling Roald Dahl cakes

Photo shoots

I dragged the boys out for some photos the other day and couldn’t resist taking a photo of this stunning door and garden combo.

Pink house, Cornwall

I also co-ordinated a photo shoot at work and took a few sneaky pics of my own. Such a stunning garden. I need a hammock in my life.

Gardens, Cornwall

Gardens, Cornwall

Gardens, Cornwall

Gardens, Cornwall

Gardens, Cornwall

New t-shirt

I treated myself to a new t-shirt! It’s so hard to find long t-shirts these days so I snapped this one up for £7.99 in New Look.

T-shirt from New Look

And you know what I’m looking forward to most this weekend? As much as I love spending the weekend with Jenson while Luke is at work, I can’t wait to see Mamma Mia 2 with my bestie and indulge in a glass of wine. Rock and roll, ey?

Have a lovely weekend :)

2 thoughts on “Friday Favourites #50”

  1. That is one big pile of cakes! Very jealous. Sounds like you guys had an amazing week, and it’s so great that you’re taking advantage of living so close to the beach. I live in Southsea, up in Portsmouth – my flat is literally across the road from the ocean – and I think I have only been on the beach twice this summer. Definitely need to take a page out of your book.

    Emma |

    1. I think when you live so close to the sea it’s easy to take it for granted. I’ve lived in Cornwall 30 years and there are loads of tourist traps I’ve still not visited.

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